The Flowers Before They Bloom – (June 2020)


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The Flowers Before They Bloom is beautifully written to bring peace and encouragement to your heart by sharing the sublime reality of God’s glorious, unfailing love for you. This lovely collection of poetry and prose guides you through the transitional journey of transformation and blooming into the person that you have been created to be. Whilst you read the contents of this book, may you blossom within strength, healing and beauty. Let your heart deeply absorb the true love that is gracefully lavished upon you from heaven, as you grow in intimacy with God and receive fresh, wonderful revelation of His loving heart towards you.

Top Rated Review From An Amazon UK Customer:

“Uplifting and comforting reflections and messages to read. Strong thematic approach throughout this book of messages and reflections for the soul, around issues of growing and blossoming through pain and low self-esteem. I also love the way the writer plays with rhyme in her work and uses rich language to paint her messages. It is also very easy to read and understand. This book is not meant to be read in one go quickly. In my opinion, this book is to be approached as you would read Psalms or Proverbs in the Bible or other spiritual teachings. Each message/reflection to be digested slowly to fill the soul with comfort and warmth. The letter section is very deep and therapeutic. This section is to be taken in, as you would take medicine for physical pain or discomfort. The author reveals some of her own pain and disappointments of the past and how her faith has helped her through. If you are in emotional pain, feel stunted because you have not achieved everything you have wanted to in life, or just need to hear a message of hope as if it was from a mouth of a guardian angel, then….I highly recommend this book!!!!”


Rosebuds: Blossoming In Your Single Season – (August 2020)

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Rosebuds: Blossoming In Your Single Season is exquisitely written to comfort, strengthen and revitalise the precious hearts of single women who have the desire to get married. This delightful book is filled with advice and encouragement that will help you to heal and flourish spiritually, mentally and emotionally in Christ within your single season. As you journey through this heartwarming book, may your heart overflow with hope, faith and God’s peaceful love that surpasses all understanding.

Review on Rosebuds from an Amazon US Customer:

“I just ordered this book and I couldn’t put it down!! Encouraged me and inspired me. Thank you!! You won’t be disappointed.”


Agape Love – (July 2021)

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This stunning, romantic and passionate book, exquisitely magnifies the agape love of God. Beautifully inspired by Song of Solomon and Psalms, this heavenly book of poetry was written from the depths of Devona Fayana’s heart, in ardent adoration and worship of the beloved Lord Jesus Christ. Agape Love can also be read as a beautiful prayer devotional, to dwell on the beauty, majesty and faithfulness of the Lord within your life. May your heart wonderfully overflow with fervent love, as you abide and blossom in beautiful intimacy with your True Love.

Faith, Trust and Unfailing Love – (April 2021)

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This wonderful, poetic devotional has been beautifully written to replenish your heart with superabundant hope, faith and glorious anticipation.Filled with lovely and gentle reminders, of the Lord’s unfailing love, this pleasant devotional truly magnifies His ardent faithfulness and divine providence within your life.May your heart be marvellously invigorated, in His perfect love and beautiful promises.