devona fayana

devona fayana

About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Devona Fayana, and I am an author from England ♡.

Throughout the course of my life, I have immersed myself deeply in literature and art. Much of my poetry is inspired by Psalms and Song of Solomon. The cherished individuals that have inspired my general writing style are, Lana Del Rey, King David, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Lang Leav, King Solomon and Rupi Kaur. I hold each and every one of these writers so dearly to my heart. Their work carries such powerful emotion that speaks to my soul so deeply. Through which, over the years I have learnt to pour out my heart, my journey, and my emotions into my work. And as these wonderful individuals have inspired me, I hope that my art is able to touch others too ♡♡♡…

Before becoming an author, I was a beauty therapist and makeup artist for several years. But my passion for literature was always potent within my heart. Through which, one day I decided to take a risk by letting go of my beauty career in order to truly follow my heart to write.

Though I may have a great love for writing, my most deepest dream is to be a homemaker wife and mother. I believe that being a homemaker wife and mother is one of the most beautiful and important roles a woman could have, and I admire all of the homemakers out there who remain so devoted to serving their precious families. ♡


My hobbies include painting, reading, sewing, drawing, baking, cooking and embroidery ♡

I am obsessed with cats, flowers, fine art and nature walks. I adore all things beautiful! ♡

Other things that make me happy are romance novels, watching period dramas, disney princess films, cuddling with cats and binge watching Downton Abbey  ♡

I would also say that I embrace slow living. I delight in living beautifully and quietly from a place of serenity and joy. Through which, I have created this lovely blog to share my innermost thoughts throughout my journey of blossoming in faith and femininity. It is my hope that my writing will be a blessing to women, helping them too, to bloom wonderfully in Him.

You can find my books internationally on Amazon. And you can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook by @devonafayana ♡

To contact me, please email devonafayana@gmail.com ♡