Worthy of Love

Worthy of Love

You are truly worthy of love. The sweetest love that makes your soul swell and shine with the splendour of heaven, lavished with great happiness and joy from above. Do you believe it though, beautiful one? Do you believe that one day you will be joined to the love of your life, where he will look at you so beautifully with eyes full of adoration and genuine care for you? His heart will be saturated with unwavering devotion. Strong and delighted to bless you as the husband that your soul so deeply deserves.

Do you ever read romance books? Because I do. Sometimes I dream of one day becoming the main character in the most wonderful love story, being pursued by a man who sincerely cares about me. I know that life isn’t a fairy tale, but I do believe that real love exists. Despite how hard it may be to find it, I truly feel as though what’s destined for your soul is bound to find you.

You are worthy of love. Yes, you. The person who is reading this, you are absolutely, wholeheartedly and utterly worthy of the greatest love that your heart dreams of. Don’t ever lose hope for the beautiful possibilities that are ahead of you. Anything can happen today, so let not your heart be troubled about tomorrow. For there will come a day where your heart will be ravished and embraced by the one who delights in you so deeply. But I hope that while you wait, you too are also learning to fall passionately in love with yourself. For there is so much beauty that overflows from within you. Your soulmate and your loved ones are truly blessed to have you, because you are the most precious light that shines so wonderfully throughout the world. Keep shining, and keep blooming. For there is an abundance of beauty and blessing on the way to you.

Lots of love, Devona Fayana


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  1. Temitope Akingbala
    March 18, 2023 / 9:11 pm

    Awesome write-up. This blesses me so much. Thank you

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