Why Marilyn Monroe Is My Inspiration

Why Marilyn Monroe Is My Inspiration 

It’s been years that I’ve loved her. So long that I honestly can’t remember approximately how long it’s been. I knew of her as a young girl, then I learned more about her as I grew into my teenage years. Now that I’m an adult journeying through womanhood,  I’ve never related to someone so much in my life. Marilyn Monroe is my inspiration in many ways. But particularly, when it comes to my writing and navigating through loneliness, disappointment in love, and often being misunderstood.

Marilyn had a difficult upbringing. She never knew her father, and her mother was in and out of mental institutions. Through which, Marilyn had to go into care at such a young age. Her childhood was super lonely, and that’s something that I’m very much acquainted with. As a child, there were two things on my mind. First, is that I thought the period of neglect, abandonment and loneliness would be temporary. And secondly, I began to think that there was something about me that was unloveable.

Looking back, it hurts to know that I used to think about myself in that way. But growing up as a girl I remember being alone, ignored and overlooked for most of my childhood. I wondered why my friends at school often spoke about having a close, loving family with two parents, siblings and a happy home environment. It was absolutely foreign to me. And as I grew into adulthood, the wounds have healed within my heart… but the scars, deep down, still remain. Regardless of how much I try to cover them up. Because as much as I’ve learned that I am not to blame for the things that happened in my childhood, I have those moments where I wish that life would have played out differently for me.

Marilyn Monroe is my inspiration not only generally, but as also specifically a writer. For she was a woman who poured her heart into her work so ardently. She said in an interview once that when she was a child, she adored escaping into movies. This eventually led her into acting. And for me, as a girl, I escaped within books. I often wrote my thoughts in the form of poems in my little journals, yet I had no idea that one day it would lead me to become a writer. But I wholeheartedly believe that our talents are called gifts for a reason. Not merely to bless the hearts of others, but also to bless the individual too. As Marilyn delighted in films, I delighted in books. And it became my safe place and almost a coping mechanism for me during my darkest times. Even now to this day, writing, books and an abundance of stories have given me so much strength that it is so beautifully indescribable. Marilyn Monroe is my inspiration because she was so diligent when it came to her passion, despite the disappointments and heartbreaking situations that came her way throughout the journey. Marilyn wasn’t a lady who sat dormant in self-pity for her struggles. Her precious heart was clothed with so much resilience and beautiful strength. Learning about her story is absolutely touching for me because I resonate with her in so many ways.

Despite her becoming a successful and beloved actress, she still felt terribly lonely. She still desired true, lasting love. A marriage, and children. You truly only have to read the rest of my blog and the books that I’ve written to see the depths of my desire for this too. The intensity of my desire for this is absolutely inexpressible, and Marilyn Monroe is my inspiration because despite her facing a lot of disappointment in this area within her life, she still kept sharing her talent and entertained the world anyway…



Marilyn went through multiple divorces, miscarriages and abuse in the area of relationships. But what I find so truly powerful, is that she still had the ability to put a smile on her face for the cameras. To switch wonderfully into character when the directors shoot the scenes. Her courage to keep pushing forward, through the hurt and through the heartache. Marilyn Monroe was a woman of absolute strength. I love her so very much. Because when I have my down days as a writer, and a single lady who desires a family of my own, I am reminded that she went before me, facing her challenges, yet still obtained the strength to keep entertaining the world through her talent so beautifully.

She moved so effortlessly. So gracefully. By looking at her normal, happy photographs you would have never known the extent of suffering that she’s experienced. But I purposely uploaded these photos of her in a more vulnerable state as a reminder that even actresses, writers, and artists alike have our down days behind closed doors too. She was such a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. And because of her, I am inspired to keep writing and not give up…



Thank you for reading mine and Marilyn’s story. I thought it would be best to share why I adore her so much and some of the background behind my life as to how I have come to be a writer. Marilyn Monroe’s story reminds me that I’m not alone, and that there is so much beauty in blessing others through your gifts and talents. Resilience is powerful. And those who are aware of her story, will never forget the beautiful strength that she carried.


If you would like to read Marilyn’s story, written by herself. Please consider buying her book Marilyn Monroe: My Story


Lots of love, Devona Fayana


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