The Quest For Feminine Beauty

The Quest For Feminine Beauty

Women go through a lot. There are so many pressures in life that we face. From establishing a career, to finding a suitable spouse. The pressure to bear children, be a homemaker, and on top of that, the pressure to remain youthful and beautiful. It’s all absolutely overwhelming. But women are fortified with such precious strength, we keep moving forward in life, persevering day by day and doing the best that we can. Yet still, the quest for feminine beauty is something that a lot of us are passionate about working toward. Like myself, I adore beauty. I delight in taking care of myself and nurturing my outer beauty. However, there is something that I’ve learned over the years. And that is despite how much I strive to reach those unattainable world beauty standards, the culture, trends and preferences are constantly changing!

Currently in the winter of 2023, there’s a trend arising in the beauty and fashion industry for women to be super slim. And while I think that being slim is a beautiful figure, my heart feels it for the women who don’t naturally have that body type. Because it’s as though women are being constantly told that their bodies aren’t beautiful, and when they do make an effort to change it to fit in with the world’s beauty standards, the trends then suddenly change again! It was only recently when the trend was to be super curvy! Why can’t we celebrate the diverse beauty that women around the world have been blessed with?

The quest for feminine beauty can be so discouraging at times. But I’m learning that though trends may change, every single woman on this Earth is declared as stunning and gorgeous in God’s sight because He made them by His hands. We are beautiful with a heavenly beauty, regardless of whether the world sees it or not. And in this, I find freedom. I find peace in resting in the truth that our bodies were handcrafted by divine hands.

How lovely you are! From your soul, body and spirit… you overflow with an otherworldly beauty and grace. I hope that you know that. And even if you currently don’t, be gentle with your precious heart and know that God thinks you’re utterly stunning. You were created for a reason.


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Lots of love, Devona Fayana


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