The Gift of Womanhood

The Gift of Womanhood

Womanhood is a gift. An absolute beautiful yet crazy rollercoaster where we as women bloom through our trials and tribulations. I adore being a woman. I delight to embrace my feminine spirit with that pulling in my heart to love, nurture and care for others, as well as myself. And over the years I have learned that the gift of womanhood looks different for every woman. There’s no two women who journey through their womanhood the same, and that’s what I truly admire about womanhood and our femininity, because we’re able to express it in ways that are unique and true to us, rather than trying to replicate what the world expects of us. You may be working full time, or currently a homemaker wife or mother. You may be focusing on pursuing your dreams, or rather, studying a subject you love. You may be married. You may be single. You may want children, or you may not. Whatever life stage you are in, and whatever your beautiful heart desires, you are still absolutely free to live out your femininity on your own terms and in a way that’s authentic to you! Because femininity isn’t about fitting into a mould like a cookie cutter. The gift of womanhood is about recognising your beauty, both inside and out, and embracing your hearts desires. Staying true to your heart and following it, regardless of what the world may think or say, is both precious and honourable.

You are beautiful, even if you don’t believe it. For your very soul exudes such loveliness and grace. Let your light shine through, in whatever you do! You are so truly gifted, and absolutely able to achieve whatever you put your mind to. And whatever your heart desires, you are able to walk in it so beautifully. Womanhood is a journey, so be patient with yourself. Be gentle with your heart, as you would with anyone else. For you are moulded so stunningly by the Almighty Creator. If you don’t believe it now, I hope that one day you will!

Embrace the gift of womanhood, because it is beautiful! Just like you!


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Lots of love, Devona Fayana


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