Falling In Love With Your Unique Beauty

Falling In Love With Your Unique Beauty

In a time where many of us as women are pressured to meet the world’s beauty standards, I’ve recently begun my own journey of falling in love with my unique beauty. To be truthful, it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Although, I am learning to be gentle with myself and patient with my heart during the process, because falling in love with your unique beauty takes more time than others.

As a British lady with a Caribbean ethnic background, my natural beauty doesn’t necessarily fit in with the western beauty standards. Growing up, I realised at a very young age that women who look like me weren’t really embraced or celebrated as beautiful within the fashion magazines, films, and other forms of media. I remember being picked on at school because of my skin colour and my hair. It took a toll on my self esteem so deeply. Yet, it took me years to comprehend that falling in love with your unique beauty takes time. It’s never an overnight process. But baby steps are better than no steps at all.

As the years advanced, I remember beginning to see women like Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell and Rihanna. America’s Next Top Model was one of my favourite shows, because as a little girl, I saw Tyra as an inspiration who carried herself with confidence and grace within the modelling industry. Her poise truly taught me that confidence is beauty, and as you recognise and begin to celebrate your own beauty, your radiance and inner beauty can truly shine through.

Fast forward 20 years later, I’ve now just recently discovered Dorothy Dandridge. And she has become one of my deepest, most glorious inspirations when it comes to learning to love my unique beauty and femininity. As a black actress in the 1950’s, she was one of the most memorable, mesmerising and beloved women in the old Hollywood movies. Whenever I watch clips of her films, I am absolutely blown away by her talent, her grace, her beauty and elegance. Femininity overflows so beautifully from within her. And I can just imagine that being a black actress in the 50’s must have been so challenging for her. Yet still, she still embraced her stunning and unique beauty. Learning about her story has truly helped me on my journey of falling in love with my unique beauty, regardless of the world’s beauty standards.

I want to encourage every lady, regardless of what your ethnic background is, that you are absolutely beautiful, Your body shape is beautiful. Whether you wear makeup or not, you are beautiful. Your skin, hair, eyes and clothing style is beautiful. You are allowed to embrace your beauty in the way that you feel comfortable. You deserve to take care of yourself, wonderfully. And being gentle and patient with yourself in the process is important. Because to be truthful, I struggle daily with falling in love with my unique beauty. But day by day, I still try to believe and see the beauty that God has created within me.

Take your time. Be gentle with yourself. You are so utterly and wholeheartedly loved.


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Lots of love, Devona Fayana


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