Embracing Rest

Embracing Rest

Our hearts have grown so busy, absolutely overwhelmed with exhaustion from the daily demands of life. So much to the point that many of us find it challenging to rest, and to rest freely without guilt. Why do lots of us struggle when it comes to embracing rest? Is it this new, fast-paced way of living that has caused our beautiful souls to become embedded with restlessness? Do we equate progress and productivity to lack of stillness as we hustle relentlessly? Embracing rest is necessary. It’s necessary because we’re human. Every part of our existence, within body, soul and spirit, is so delicate and fragile. Yet still, we have a tendency to treat ourselves as though we’re machines. Why? I often think it’s because of the pressures that surround us. The pressure to not only succeed and to make our loved ones proud and impressed, but to also push past the survival mode and thrive within a better one. But what is a better life? How do we define what success means, truly? Is it the things that we see others live out on social media? Because something I have learned is that though some may appear fortunate and exceedingly blessed, that doesn’t mean that their heart is truly embracing rest.

Rest looks different to everyone. How does it look to you? Is rest something that you prioritise, or does it tend to end up at the bottom of your to-do list?

There is something so beautiful and powerful that takes place, when one takes a step back to rest and recharge. For the body, soul and spirit has an opportunity to be still and to be refilled. For we as humans aren’t merely created to constantly pour out, but we too, also are in need of being poured into. Embracing rest, leisure and love. Ensuring that you’re setting time aside to live life beautifully in your own way. Pursuing your hobbies, your dreams, spending time with loved ones, nurturing your body, replenishing your spirit and so much more. Believe it or not, you do come first. Your heart should be your main priority. And I believe that with all of my soul because over the years I have come to know that if you neglect taking care of yourself, eventually you will find it difficult to take care of everything else. From your work, to your loved ones, and it can even take a toll on your health.

You are so much more lovely and important than you think. If you have the time today, be still for a moment, and think about ways that you can start embracing rest. Because I truly believe that once you do, you’ll bloom. You will blossom fruitfully with such heavenly strength, being filled with the ability to persist through the demands of life. But it’s so hard to do that, if you don’t take tine for yourself. So if you can, take that time for yourself today, and remember how gorgeous you are. For you are worthy of rest and true love.


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Lots of love, Devona Fayana


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