Carrying Yourself Like a Princess

Carrying Yourself Like a Princess

You shine with the splendour of heaven, dazzling with the radiance of your Heavenly Father. As King, your are His princess. And as a princess, I hope that your beautiful heart comprehends the powerful glory that overflows so potently from within you. Although, for many of us it is a process when it comes to carrying yourself like a princess. Because for so long, there are few of us who have unfortunately endured a magnitude of suffering. The indescribable pain of hurt, neglect, abandonment, bullying and abuse presses so deeply upon our weary hearts. And the trauma that we face within our lives can sadly have an affect on how we view ourselves. However, the beauty that I have found within the present is that through persistence and courage, we are able to bloom forward within hope and heavenly strength, knowing that we have such precious value and worth in the sight of God.

As a woman who is designed and crafted by the hand of the Divine One, we can you carry ourselves with grace and poise, confident in the knowledge that there is an abundance of beauty within us. For we all have been created so fearfully and wonderfully for such a magnificent reason. You carry something special, sweet soul. Something glorious and out of this world. You are so beautiful, you don’t even realise the depths of wonders that have been graciously embedded within you.

You’re like a star, journeying so gracefully through great heights. You are destined to fly beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t ever limit yourself, beautiful one, because your life is filled with so many lovely possibilities. I dare you to believe with all of your heart, and take courage in the path that your heart is yearning to embark on. You are truly blooming into something beautiful and so great, what is destined for your future exceeds beautifully beyond your imagination. For all things are possible to those who believe. Your dreams can come true! Whether it be to find love, or to succeed in a particular career, your dreams are absolutely important. They matter, so very much. And as a princess, I hope that you begin to see the splendid glory that surrounds you. Because carrying yourself like a princess starts from within. Your poise, your elegance and feminine grace radiate so potently through your spirit, and outwardly into your beautiful appearance. Like a princess, you sparkle with such stunning and feminine beauty. You are mesmerising. Both inside and out. May you blossom beautifully in abundance, and may all your dreams come true.


Lots of love, Devona Fayana


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