The Timing For Love

The Timing For Love

How beautiful it must be to find such fervent love that ignites a heavenly love within your life. So glorious, so indescribable, literally exceeding beyond your greatest hopes and dreams. I believe that love like this exists. I believe in the timing for love, and I believe that destiny is real. For me, I carry this faith-filled confidence that God has the ability to usher two people together at the right time. Though some may have to wait longer than others, I wholeheartedly hold on to the belief that what is right for us will find us. It may not be when we deeply desire for it to happen, but truly, we can’t miss what is destined for us. And in this time within my life I am learning to wait patiently with expectancy. Letting go of the desire for control, and allowing God to be God, and do what I cannot do.

It’s not easy to find love. Real love. The kind of love that doesn’t take place from settling out of loneliness and fear. The kind of love that ignites your faith that heaven and destiny exists. Real love, where you wholeheartedly believe that you’ve found your soulmate. Because as much as one may try to search for it, it’s ultimately out of our hands.

I spent years trying to find love. I let it go last winter. Because I personally grew tired and discouraged of dating only for my heart to end up crushed with disappointment. For me, it kind of wrecked my faith that love could happen for me. Through which, it was healthier for me personally to let it go and allow faith to move mountains when the timing for love decides to arrive.

Do you believe in miracles?

Many of us say we do, yet our hearts find it impossible to believe that good things can happen for us. I battled with this struggle for many years, for hope deferred truly does makes the heart sick, and the deepest despair is like poison to our faith. But God loves you, and He desires to see you blessed. The timing for love isn’t always easy to wait for, but once it arrives, I’m sure it truly will be worth every moment of your patience.


Lots of love, Devona Fayana


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