The Gift of Childhood

The Gift of Childhood

I often think about the gift of childhood, for it’s something that not many of us have had the fortune of fully embracing. Because though all of us were once children, there are some of us whose life experience has forced us to grow up earlier than we should have. I am one of those individuals. And when I think about having children one day, I think about how intentional I desire to be when it comes to allowing them to fully enjoy the freedom, bliss and innocence that comes with childhood.

Years pass us by so quickly. Generation to generation, we see cultures and societies shift in changes as time goes by. I remember being a child and playing outside with my neighbour friends. Or those blazing summer days where the ice cream van would be heard through the streets of my neighbourhood. My dad would take my sister and I to play in the park. I was free and so happy, I honestly had no worries about what adulthood would truly bring. And something I have noticed is that today children seem to be occupied so much with technology these days! Though I don’t think technology to be a bad thing, it’s just that I sometimes reflect on my own childhood and remember that technology was barely embraced in my time. For we had a better opportunity to engage in thorough, deep connections face to face. Playing with dolls and board games, reading together, going for walks in nature and getting creative by using our imagination to have fun in the play kitchen. Pleasant memories are what make childhood so sweet upon reflection. I just wonder what life would have been like if all I knew was social media and online games. It does worry me sometimes, especially as someone who desires to be a mother one day. I won’t withhold my children from using technology but I do want to ensure that they embrace real life more than they do with social media. I, myself use social media quite often due to work purposes. Even as an adult I find apps like Instagram and Tik Tok to be quite draining at time. For we are constantly consuming information and a sea of content that so easily can thrust us into a place of comparison. I think social media can also be kind of addictive in a way. I’m not sure exactly what it is that causes that feeling where it’s as though you can’t stop scrolling. It’s quite scary because I feel as though in your free time it’s so easy to be scrolling for hours, more than you anticipated to spend online, but it happens! You then think to yourself, ‘Where did all the time go?’… And that’s what I’m worried about. Life passing us by. I don’t want mine or my children’s lives to be based off merely an app or streaming devices. For we only get one life, and I long for my children to delight in the gift of childhood. To laugh, to play and to scream with happiness at the top of their lungs. Embracing relationships, and embracing the beauty of their surroundings. I look forward to those beautiful moments that I will be able to witness, and I truly pray that many children around the world will find absolute bliss and freedom in the fullness of childhood. Because it is a gift, and every child deserves to live in peace and joy.


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