Speaking Elegantly

Speaking Elegantly

Growing up, I was always told that I’m very soft spoken. As an adult, I’m often told that my voice sounds like a baby. It sounds extremely silly, I know. But there was a time in my life during my younger teenage years, that I became so insecure about my voice, that I began imitating the tone and mannerisms of my peers around me. Within that, I lost myself. I began carrying myself in a more tougher, unauthentic way that really wasn’t true to who I am. It took me years to finally return back to embracing the real me, and not allowing others to alter me in any way. For I have found that many, (not all), soft spoken people tend to get ignored in group social situations. There have been so many instances where my voice has been drained out by the louder, more dominant voices of others. Because of that, I adapted my voice to match theirs in order for me to actually be heard and listened to. But there came a time in my life where I thought it wasn’t worth it. I could feel it within my heart that I was becoming absolutely unauthentic to myself and to those around me. I shouldn’t have to be someone else in order to be listened to. Neither should I have to raise my voice so loud in order to make a point. Through which, over time, I learned that it’s okay to remain true to who I am. Despite my voice being quiet and soft spoken, my voice matters. Speaking elegantly is not about speaking in a way that is not natural to you. Speaking elegantly, in my opinion, means to remain poised in who you are and carrying confidence within yourself and your voice, knowing that your voice matters, your words matter, and that you are important. There’s no need to change in order to be heard. Nor do you need to speak as fast as you can in fear of boring people or forgetting what to say. I know this may sound so silly to so many people, but I know that there are others who understand what I’m saying. Because I’ve been through this before, and I came to the realisation that I am enough. Regardless of the harsh words people have said about my softer and quieter voice, my voice is important enough to be heard. Through which, I want to encourage others that you matter too. If you have something to say, speak. Even if your voice shakes. Because you are important, and you are truly worthy of respect while speaking elegantly and authentically.

Here is a video of Marilyn Monroe speaking in an interview. Notice how not only does she speak softly and elegantly, but she takes pauses… she is confident to take her time as she speaks. Marilyn Monroe Interview

In a world that is busy and in a rush, it’s okay to pause and take your time as you speak. For there is art in conversation, and your words are absolutely beautiful.


Love, Devona Fayana



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