Nurturing Your Outer Beauty

nurturing outer beauty

Nurturing Outer Beauty

I have fallen absolutely in love with nurturing outer beauty since I was a little girl. Nine years old, to be precise. There are beautiful memories within my heart that never wither away of me delighting in developing a skincare routine, both on my face and body. I adored the experience and luxury of feeling as though my skin was nurtured to softness and health. Fragrant body oils, nourishing milk and rose petal baths, as well as the sweetest salt scrubs that were an absolute treat on my body.

As I bloomed older into adulthood, I studied beauty therapy and received qualifications to become a beauty and spa therapist. I worked for the most well-known beauty salons, spas and health clubs within England. Following on from there, I became a beauty ambassador for two of some of the greatest makeup companies in the world. I delighted in it wholeheartedly. With all my soul, I enjoyed the process in nurturing outer beauty of women who desired to be pampered so beautifully the way they deserve. My experience as a beauty therapist has shown me that there is so much power that comes with taking care of yourself physically. The way you nurture your body can make you feel refreshed and beautiful, overflowing with a confidence that you never thought was possible! Beauty for me, helped my confidence immensely. Making the effort to apply makeup, dress beautifully, and take care of my skin, hair and nails has shown me that enhancing my beauty actually makes me really happy. Every woman tends to find joy in different ways, and for me, personally, embracing beauty is one of them.

In one of my posts, I have spoken about How To Embrace Your Beauty: Nurture Your Body, Soul and Spirit , and I spoke about the importance of eating healthily, that your radiant health may shine through beautifully. Whether that be through your skin, through your vibrant energy, or through your overall beauty in general. For I have often found that in order to take care of others in the best way we can, we must also look after ourselves too. Every woman deserves to feel special and taken care of. For you are absolutely worth it. Beautiful, and resplendent in every way. I hope you believe it with all of your heart. You are gorgeous, so wonderfully created by the Heavenly One.


Love, Devona Fayana


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