His Dream Girl

His Dream Girl

Like many single women, I often think about how much I deeply desire to be with my future husband. But one day, something that came to my mind was that as much as I long to meet my dream man, I wonder if he dreams of me too? To be his dream girl, and the fervent desire of his heart. Everything that he is looking for in a woman, I do often wonder if I’m her. Though none of us are born perfect nor able to reach perfection, I think that our backgrounds, our experiences, our souls, longings and desires shape us uniquely as the beautiful women that we are. We do grow and blossom as we age. Day by day, we’re learning and rising into a better version of ourselves. Even in the midst of trials and tribulations, our souls are absolutely refined by the fire, polished and pruned into something stunning and truly precious.

I’ve been on a long journey of refinement and pruning. My single season has allowed me to look inward to the innermost places within my heart that for so long have been neglected and overlooked. Self esteem and self image has been something that I’ve struggled with due to harmful experiences that I’ve been through. But as I’ve learned how ardently God loves me, I can see the beauty within my soul that He has flourished over the years. My constant prayer has been, ‘Lord, help me to see myself the way you see me.’ Unfortunately, I think so many women have been so crushed in spirit because of the harsh words of others. We’re so hard on ourselves as a result of it. It’s heartbreaking. And for so long in my time of being single, it’s almost as though I was waiting for someone to love me in order to finally love myself. But I’ve come to the realisation that it’s not necessary to wait for someone to adore you before you’re able to fall in love with the radiance that shines so beautifully within you. For we all are absolutely loved by God. Cherished, admired and treasured. He sees it as worth it.

Reflecting on this has made me rest in the confidence, that actually, when it comes to my future husband, I am his dream girl as much as he is my dream man. I do not doubt that he will be an absolute blessing in my life. But I also want to believe that I will be a blessing in his life too. Heartbreaking memories in life can sometimes cause you to think otherwise. Self esteem is such a precious thing that needs to be treasured. For I have seen that there is so much power in the words that are spoken over us. And I’ve had to take my pain and my wounds to God, asking Him to heal me of all the difficult things I’ve had to hear during those painful memories of bullying and abuse. But He has been absolutely faithful, and day by day, I’m able to see how lovely that He has made me, both inside and out.

If this is something that resonates with you, I hope that you’re able to see yourself as his dream girl while you wait. Letting your soul remain entirely steadfast in confidence of your beauty, your value and your worth. You can believe it now. Because you’re beautiful, single or not, you’re gorgeous, gifted, precious and lovely!

I hope that me sharing this has helped you in some way.


Love, Devona Fayana


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