Carrying a Kind and Peaceful Spirit

Carrying a Kind and Peaceful Spirit

There’s lovely saying that mentions kindness having the ability to uplift someone’s day. Oftentimes, we come across beautiful and diverse people throughout our daily lives. Every single one of them are on their own journey’s and unique paths, yet we truly aren’t aware what challenges that they’re facing. On numerous occasions I have been blessed to experience the power in coming face to face with the kindness of a stranger. It’s the radiant smile of someone who walks by. Or the sweetest compliment that brings joy to your heart. Carrying a kind and peaceful spirit not only makes you more beautiful, but it also has the tremendous ability to usher hope and healing to the broken-hearted. Extending kindness and grace carries such beautiful power to restore even the most discouraged souls. It gathers harmony and serene love throughout communities all over the world. And it’s my heart’s deepest desire to bloom beautifully within radiant inner beauty. The fruits of the spirit that feed hope and love to souls that are around us. Peace, goodness, kindness, gentleness, self-control, patience, faithfulness, and most importantly, love. Viewing those around us through the eyes of love requires us to let go of harshness, bitterness and forgiveness. I often remind myself of the merciful grace that God has given to me, and I desire for my heart to abound with loving-kindness that I may strengthen those around me.

Carrying a kind and peaceful spirit has been process for me. For I have learned that in order to be kind and peaceful to others, I have to not only be kind to myself, but also be at peace with myself. Carrying a A Soft and Tender Heart , and embarking on my journey of learning how to Cultivating a Gentle Heart has taught me the significance in taking care of my own soul. For nobody can truly pour from an empty cup.

Falling in love with the beauty within myself has enabled me to fall in love with the beauty of the world and within others. I hope that by reading this, you are inspired to fall in love with your own beautiful soul and the world and the people around you.


Lots of love, Devona Fayana



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  1. Tamara
    January 31, 2023 / 11:05 am

    Dear Devona,
    your blog is a blessing, full of love, faith, and hope. It is a genuine refresh, especially nowadays. I am always happy when I see your new posts. I can find myself in a lot of them, they inspire me and give me faith and hope in my process of blooming. Thank you so much for all your texts. I pray that God will answer all your prayers. And I believe that he is preparing the man of your dreams as you deserve. He knows your beautiful heart, and he has put all of that desires in your heart for a reason.

    With love,

    Tamara Maretic

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