An Honourable Husband


An Honourable Husband

She desires an honourable husband. A man who reigns with dignity and integrity, carrying a humble and kind spirit. Someone who looks out for the interest of others, rather than always putting himself first. A selfless man, with a heart full of gold. An honourable husband who walks with his head high in confidence and strength, determined to prosper in the work that he puts his hand to. Perseverance and resilience surrounds him. He is not a man so easily shaken by the tribulations that come with this world. For his anchor shall be in God alone. In Him, is where his trust remains. An unshakeable foundation of love keeps his heart steadfast with the ardent devotion for his wife. Both her and their children are his priority. He works hard in the pursuit of his dreams. He sees himself through the lens of God’s eyes. Worthy. Blessed. Gifted. Handsome. Despite the obstacles and challenges that he has had to overcome, he is standing. Standing with the armour of persistence and faith that surrounds him. Because with God, absolutely anything is possible for him. There is no limit as to what he can achieve as he pursues his dreams. He shall fly high above the mountains that he thought would never move nor crumble. And he shall succeed in everything that he puts his mind to. He is an honourable man. An honourable husband whom his wife values and adores so deeply. Elevation and absolute greatness is his portion. If only he knew how blessed he really is. He would smile, and he would rejoice in absolute bliss. For he is utterly and wholeheartedly loved. Not only by God, but by also me. One day we will meet, and finally we’ll both see how absolutely worth the wait will truly be.


Love, Devona Fayana


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