An Elegant Spirit

An Elegant Spirit

I aspire to bloom within an elegant spirit. To carry myself beautifully with poise, grace and calm confidence. Resting wholeheartedly in serenity and truth, that like all other beautiful women on this earth, I am stunningly designed and created by the Almighty, placed upon this earth to blossom wonderfully and share love and kindness toward others. As I reflect on this, it ushers a heavenly confidence to the depths of my sou, knowing that I am adored by the Divine One. Blessed and equipped to share the light of love, peace and joy toward others.

To carry an elegant spirit means to carry a calm confidence. For a long duration in my life, I was neither confident nor calm. For there was an overwhelming anxiety that gripped me to the core. I was afraid, constantly. In panic mode, pretty much 24/7 throughout my life. I never could comprehend what it meant to live a life of peace, to give my mind the rest that it needs. Rest was something that was foreign to me, until recently. For I had to journey on a time of healing and self-discovery. Taking a step back from constantly doing, and constantly working, that I may take the time to see myself, looking inward and deeply into the holes within my soul that magnified so much emptiness within me.

Within my healing, I bloomed. Though, I don’t believe perfection is something that we could ever obtain while we live upon this earth, I do believe that healing is a journey and a life-long process. For there are just some wounds or weaknesses that take a lifetime to work toward overcoming.

An elegant spirit is also about carrying yourself gracefully. I aim to be graceful in all that I do. The way I talk, the way I walk, the way I carry out my actions, and so much more other ways. To me, it’s kind of like developing gracefulness from within, that it may shine outwardly. But one cannot be graceful externally, if you’re not gentle toward yourself internally. Without peace, I have learned that it’s hard to live gracefully. Through which, I had to learn to become gentle with myself first, in order to be gentle with others around me, that I may live and flow gracefully within an elegant spirit.

It’s a journey, and I take each day as it comes. But everyday, whether we realise it or not, we bloom. And as long as we don’t give up, our hearts will continue to bloom in faith, and in love.


Lots of love, Devona Fayana


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