A Soft and Tender Heart

A Soft and Tender Heart

I dream of carrying a soft and tender heart that is so beautiful, that it captures and nurtures the hearts of others. Kindness, gentleness and affection is something that carries so much power to bring not only healing to the souls of others, but also peace, rest, joy and serenity. I’d like to be remembered for having a gentle soul that reflects the beauty and the glory of God. Patience, love and self control. I think that there is so much chaos and strife within this world. In homes, and in workplaces. Between countries, within institutions and all over social media. Sadly, it’s become quite rare for peace to be potent throughout our everyday lives. Just switch on the news, and you’ll be informed with endless heartbreaking stories of loss, pain, sickness, war and grief around the world.

To me, carrying a soft and tender heart is like carrying a heavenly light within you. Spreading love, kindness and peace wherever you go. The world needs so much hope. We, as individuals, need hope. And I believe that it starts with us, one by one, blooming and softening within our hearts by growing with the desire to extend love and serene joy toward others.

It’s not easy to carry a soft and tender heart if you’ve battled through mountains of issues and heartache. Painful situations have the ability to crush the heart so deeply. It’s hard to be soft and tender when such situations has forced you to shield yourself in fear and in pain. It took me a long while to heal and truly become myself again. But God was faithful. He was faithful to restore me and rebuild me in ways that I didn’t think was possible. I used to be so angry and upset, both with myself and with the world. But by His grace, He has opened my eyes to see the beauty within humanity, the universe and the significance of life. Life is so indescribably beautiful when His light of love, peace, tenderness, softness and forgiveness shines through us. For His light shines within the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.

How will you share love and light today?

Always remember, how beautiful you are.

Love, Devona Fayana


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