Keeping a Soft Heart In a Harsh World


Keeping a Soft Heart In a Harsh World

There’s so much suffering in this world. So many of us are facing much pain and indescribable heartache. Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety are on the rise in most recent years. Suicides, crimes, wars, divorces, grief, betrayal, trauma, abuse, poverty and relational issues seem to be so potent within the air. I think we’ve all come to the realisation that this world is very a dark place. Unfortunately, it feels like an ongoing battle for some. ‘If it’s not one thing, then there’s something else,’ many of us tend to say. Disappointment and worry has a tendency to replay within our souls again and again to the point where it has become so hard for us to truly find rest. Living in a constant state of survival mode has such a heartbreaking affect upon our hearts. Whether one realises it or not, our trauma and fears actually hardens our heart so deeply where it has become difficult to keep a soft heart in a harsh world. After mountains of dismay that stand unwavering around our hearts, it’s hard to see the light. It’s like a barrier of armour that many of us place over us, in order to protect us from further harm and disappointment. And I have found myself in that position for so long, until this year.

In the last decade I have never experienced such deep pain and suffering. My life really did take a turn for the absolute worse, and it squashed my soul with an excruciating feeling of being crushed with hope deferred. I was bullied and abused, used and rejected. There are many issues within my heart that I had to face and confront in order to find healing. But as I was in the process of it all, I found it almost impossible to keep a soft heart in a harsh world. Anger, bitter, fear and resentment tried to grip me with such deep frustration where I looked at the world, and at others, through the lens of pain and unforgiveness. I had no strength nor motivation within me to extend love, hope and kindness out into the world because all I ever knew was receiving betrayal, rejection and neglect. I never knew at the time what it meant to shine my light. The light of love, joy and grace that God has poured within me. Because there was a part of me that despised my tenderness and my soft heart. I felt as though for so long I was taken advantage of. But something I’ve learned is that life is not about treating others how they treat you. Nor is it about living according to what you can see. But life is about walking freely and beautifully within the fullness of Christ’s love and light, extending grace and care to others. Uplifting yourself and those around you with words of hope, goodness and strength to build each other up in resilience. Keeping a soft heart in a harsh world is one of the greatest challenges I have ever had to face. But I’ve realised that through God, it has actually been possible for me.

I think one of the important keys to keeping a soft heart in a harsh world is to actually let go. Letting go of fear and bitterness that holds one back. Whether it be the fear of the future, or the fear of getting hurt again. Or whether it be bitterness toward an old acquaintance or loved one who has betrayed you so terribly. Things like fear and bitterness can truly make us sick within the heart. And I have found that life is too short to be carrying such burdensome, dark and heavy weight upon our souls. And this isn’t to say that fear and hurt won’t come and visit us now and again. But what we do with it is so important. Giving it to God, wholeheartedly in prayer. Releasing to Him every burden, every heartache, every fear and anxious thought, because He cares so deeply for us.

I want to be like a child, that trusts so much in their Father. Our Heavenly Father has us. He holds us so securely and unwavering within the palm of His hands. He can breathe His life and His light over us. Setting us free from anything that holds us back from blooming in tenderness, gentleness and love. He can help us keep a soft heart in a harsh world. He understands the difficulties and the extent of suffering that we face on a daily basis. But He has also promised us that He will never leave or forsake us. It is within the deep waters, that He will be with us. Even in the midst of the fire, we will not be burned. For He is our strength and refuge. Forever devoted, to keep our hearts safe.


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