Finding Your Soulmate

Finding Your Soulmate

Sometimes I feel as though that there is so much pressure placed upon women to find their husbands. Single women have often been told that ‘in order to find love, you must embark on the journey of finding your soulmate.’ However, the problem I find with this is, you can tend to skip the process resting in God and falling in love with finding yourself, if you’re so heavily engaged with finding your soulmate. Yet, I am not ignorant to the fact that many of us don’t particularly like waiting for love. And I know that lots of women are tired of hearing ‘fall in love with yourself first’. But honestly, what else can we really do in this journey while we wait? Why are so many of us finding it so hard to love ourselves and nurture our inner beauty while we trust in God to lead our husbands into our lives? I don’t believe you have to be ‘healed’ and ‘love yourself’ in order to find love, but I do know that there is actually so much beauty in living out your life as beautifully, freely and blissfully as you can without fighting for control. Because life is already too short and too hard as it is. The pressure of looking for your soulmate only adds further anxiety and a greater challenge for us to accomplish, when actually, our Heavenly Father can make it happen all by Himself. It’s funny that dating apps, speed dating and searching for love at the bars has sky rocketed in popularity over the last couple of decades. Though I don’t completely disagree with dating, what I do find uncomfortable is the idea of looking so desperately for love, that one forgets to be present within their own lives by living and blooming beautifully though the chapters of their story. It’s as though for many women, our focus has become solely on looking for a man, rather than nurturing the other areas in our lives and trusting God in the process to provide. Like our dreams and careers, friends and family, nurturing our health and so much more. I was once that girl. It’s like I journeyed through life with so much fear in my heart that I would live a miserable life if I didn’t find love. Through which, I did anything and everything that I could to find love. So much to the point that I neglected the other important areas of my life. But something I learned in my own experience was, that the more desperate I became, the more I grew out of touch with myself. It’s like I didn’t see that there was already beauty and value within me, whether I had a husband or not. It’s like I didn’t comprehend that I was worthy of love, whether a man loved me or not. It’s like I was literally waiting for a man to love me in order to make everything okay. But God had to take me through such a deep and life changing process, where through my healing I came to know that there is beauty and splendour in being present and grateful for the things that I have right now. Trying to make the most of today. Aiming to make the most of what you have right now. Counting your blessings, yet still remaining hopeful that somehow, someday, love will come and find you!

I adore the idea of love actually pursuing me. Every woman deserves to be pursued and surprised with the most beautiful, unexpected love story. I feel as though so many of us want to take it into our own hands because there’s pressure on us when it comes to ageing and fertility, reproach from family and friends, and the loneliness we face in singleness.

But all things are possible in this world, all things.

We’ve forgotten the beauty in glorious possibilities, miracles and wonders that can happen at any moment and at any day!

In my poetry devotionals, I often talk about disappointment crushing the heart so deeply to the point where it can be hard to keep believing. And there are so many women that are dismayed in the area of love. It’s so heartbreaking. Even my own waiting season can get challenging by the day. However my strength comes from knowing that faith truly does move mountains, and that good things come to those who wait!

Whether you decide to go on a dating app or wait for your husband to come into your life, finding your soulmate doesn’t have to be so burdensome upon your precious shoulders. You can let go and let God. For whatever is destined to  be yours will indeed find you. It will come to you. Love will come to you. As hard as it can be, don’t allow fear to paralyse your beautiful heart. Because all will work out. It’s already been orchestrated, perfectly and wonderfully for you.


I hope this helped you a lot ♡♡♡


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Lots of love, Devona Fayana ♡



  1. Cristina
    December 22, 2022 / 1:18 pm

    Hi Devona,

    Beautiful reading as always. I want you to know that your posts and poems have helped so much in my journey in spirituality and loving and giving into God. You give hope and reassurance and I hope you receive it in your darkest moments. You describe it exactly like it is, I feel everything you wrote and I as well decided to let go (I am still struggling at times) but I am more at peace as I am holding to my faith and resting in His love. ❤️
    Thank you again and may God bless you!

  2. pashmina ♡
    January 13, 2023 / 11:34 pm

    This article spoke to my very soul. Thank you for your Godly wisdom, insight, and encouragement.

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