The Art of Homemaking


The Art of Homemaking

Homemaking is an art. Truly, I dream of being a homemaker, and I know that it’s not common for many young single women to desire.  But I do. I dream of creating the most delicious, homemade meals for my future husband and children. Delighting in seeing their faces gleaming radiantly with serene joy. Raising my children in a home that abounds with tranquility, giving them a place of refuge from a chaotic world.

I dream of feeling the sun on my skin, as the scent of fresh laundry fills the pretty garden as I hang the clothing on the line. I dream of waking up to the sweet melody of birds, singing their stunning tune throughout the morning and during the day. I desire the quiet life. The life that is slow and serene. Journeying throughout my day at my own pace, dazzling the home with beauty and rest.

Homemaking I adore. Hanging beautiful artwork to adorn the rooms. Plumping the pretty, plush cushions for the comfort of visitors. Delighting in my sweet, adorable pets that lay relaxed on the fluffy rug near to the fireplace. The sound of children’s laughter, playing and having fun outside in the garden. My husband’s voice. My husband’s love. Hearing wonderful worship music play softly in the background.

The taste of well-made hot cocoa, topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles of cinnamon. Feeling toasty and warm on a winter’s day. The family gathered together at the fireplace. Delighting and belonging, in the presence of one another. Their smiles, their bliss. The tranquility of God’s love blooming in our hearts. Watching the seasons transition, from winter to spring. Creating the most exquisite garden, abundant with fragrant flowers. Pretty petals of many colours, lighting up the world of my little children. A rainbow of a garden. A barbecue in the summer. Gatherings and joy, felicity and peace.

The art of homemaking. Creating lovely desserts for my loved ones, the scent of flour and sugar baking in the oven. The pasta is cooking, the table is beautifully set. The children playing together, as we wait for their dad to come from work. Reading books with them, helping them with homework. Telling them about Jesus, while they rest peacefully on my lap.

Homemaking is such a lovely gift, a beautiful call to serve the ones you love in the most within wonderful, creative expression. It’s an art. And the glory of a homemaker’s work is so potent with God’s splendour. His beauty fills every room, and his blessing is upon every meal. The peace of God that surpasses all understand can flow so lovingly throughout the home, ushering rest and tranquility to heart’s that dwell within it.

I wanted to write this post to reflect the beauty of homemaking. And how precious it is, to have a home and a family, blessed with God’s beautiful presence. I want to encourage homemakers that your labour of love is inspirational, and it truly never goes in vain. And to those single women like me, who desire to be a homemaker too, keep trusting and resting in the arms of the Father. For He knows what’s best for you, and in time, He will lead you beautifully into the abundance of His will.


Thank you for reading

Lots of love, Devona


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