Sweet Lessons I Have Learned From Cats

lessons learned from cats

Sweet Lessons I Have Learned From Cats

I know that this blog post may seem super random, and possibly even strange. However, I have a really beautiful reason to share this with you! Because I am absolutely obsessed with cats! They’re the absolute cutest animals in the world. And as I have watched how cats live throughout my life, I have learned a few lovely lessons from them. I believe that they can possibly help you too. Here are some sweet lessons I have learned from cats:


They trust that their owners will take care of them

I have found that cats are so trusting in their owner’s ability to take care of them. Though they have no understanding regarding what their owner is up to throughout the day, it seems as though they carry that certainty that their owner will continue to look after them perfectly.

It reminds me of our relationship with God. That we can trust our Heavenly Father’s ability to look after us, despite us not knowing every single detail of what He is doing within our lives, we can walk by faith and not by sight. For He is a faithful Father, who is so passionately devoted to take care of our needs.

The first lesson that I have learned from cats is, to trust in Him with all my heart. For as my Father, God is responsible to take care of me.

They delight in resting in the presence of their owners

If you were to walk into any home with a pet cat, most o the time you will see the cat snuggling up in the presence of their owner. It’s so sweet and adorable. And it shows how deeply they admire spending time with their owner, even in the quietness and stillness.

In my early years during my relationship with the Lord, I was afraid that I wasn’t doing enough for Him. I felt as though that I had to serve in every ministry at my local church, I made my relationship into a religion where I aimed to do everything and anything to please Him. I was hard on myself if I didn’t pray for a certain amount of time each day, or if I missed a day of bible reading. But God truly delivered me from that mentality. And He had taught me that because of Jesus, I am enough. I am loved. And that it’s okay to rest and just be still in His presence. Basking in the love of my Father.

The second lesson that I have learned from cats is that it’s okay to be still and be with God. I don’t have to fight for His love, attention or approval. He delights in dwelling with me too.


They are not afraid to share their needs with their owners

I think everyone is aware of how vocal cats can be when they’re in need of something. Those persistent meows are so cute, yet also so bold! Cats have no problem at all in making their needs known to their owners. And upon watching this, I have learned that even though God knows what we need as our Father, it’s okay to make our deepest desires and requests known to Him.

The third lesson I have learned from cats is that I can share what is on my heart with my Heavenly Father. My needs and my desires are truly important to Him.


They are perfectly content in being reliant on their owner

Our lovely cats are so deeply reliant on their owners. Without their owners, it would be extremely difficult for them to survive. But they seem so happy, so pleased, and so perfectly content in their lives. It caused me to reflect on my relationship with God. I questioned myself if I truly trust in Him, or am I being reliant on myself?

The fourth lesson I have learned from cats is that I can rely on my Heavenly Father. For He is responsible for me as His daughter. I don’t have to be afraid, nor rely on myself. God is able to take care of me.


They look after their bodies

Cats take care of their bodies so well! They groom themselves and stretch their bodies! They have actually reminded me the importance of stretching, haha! They clean themselves well, and they take naps, resting as much as they need. I admire how well they prioritise their health.

The fifth lesson I have learned from cats is that I should be taking care of my health and wellbeing, as well as remembering to stretch daily!


They wait patiently for their owner to provide for them

Owners are not always going to feed their cats in time. Neither are they always available straight away to let the cat in the house after a day in the garden. But I have come to know that cats are actually really patient! They wait patiently, and expectantly on their owners to come and take care of them.

The sixth lesson I have learned from cats is that I can wait patiently on God to provide for me. And even if He doesn’t come according to my timing, I can trust that He will, and He can come in His perfect timing.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope that it blessed you abundantly!

Lots of love, Devona


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  1. June 7, 2022 / 2:26 pm

    Thank you Devona. I am so pleased to finally hear from someone who loves CATS as much as I do!! I get so sick and tired of people Deliberately toting dogs all of the time. Although I love all of God’s precious creatures, Cats are my favorites. I have an Adorable kitty-cat named Sunshine who I have been absolutely in love with since the first time I saw her. She is my little angel, and is truly God’s own little ray of Sunshine straight to my heart. She is also golden brown in color. (Perfect). She is 11 years old and (hopefully) counting.
    I am praying for at least 11 more.
    Thank you again for this sweet post. I like most of your posts. Please post another one on kitties. Thank you. JKM.

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