Meditating on The Lovely Things in Life


Meditating on The Lovely Things in Life

The world is so beautiful, overflowing with loveliness and pleasant things. However on the other side, it is also filled with much sin, suffering and sorrow. In John 16:33 Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” After seeing all of the difficulty that many of us have to face throughout life, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed with fear and dread. Sometimes, that fear and dread can grow into a place of sorrow—depression that lingers on and on for so many years. But upon seeking the Lord for refuge and strength, I have come to a place in my life where I am blooming within incorruptible joy. Joy that is not limited to my circumstances, but rather placed solely in the love of God. Meditating on the lovely things in life has helped me to experience bliss in the smaller things, and not allow situations and challenges to cast me down into a permanent place of despair.

I know that there are times where many of us experience sadness. I, myself included. We’re all human, and our emotions are so important. I believe that emotions are a gift. They give us an opportunity to look inward and reflect on how we truly feel about a situation. We’re often taught that it’s best to overlook our emotions, and mature to ‘get on with life’, but I think that’s far from the truth.

Our emotions are part of our humanity, and within our sadness and our joy, God invites us to come to Him and blossom within deep, beautiful intimacy through prayer and meditating on His Word. He is not only our Father and Saviour, but also our comforter and friend. A friend is someone we can share things with, confide in, rest with. The Lord has a warm and kind, open heart, willing to listen and remain attentive to our souls and our needs.

In my relationship with God, I have found blessing in companionship with Him. He opens my eyes to see the beauty and security that is found solely in Him. There are many times where I feel weak and despair, but in those moments the Lord is faithful to remind me of His promises, of His Word, of the beauty and glory that surrounds me. Positive thinking has transformed my life beautifully for the best. I used to suffer from negative thoughts, and those negative thoughts truly weighed down my soul. Constant negativity is a habit that not only effects your thinking, but it transforms your very perception of life. I have learned that if you think negatively, all you will see is negativity. I had to break out of this cycle after a good 10-13 years of carrying a negative spirit. It took me a while. It took a lot of prayer, resting in His presence and meditating on the lovely things, one day at a time.

My prayer is that God will continue to open the eyes of our heart, that we may see the beauty in all things as we mediate on the lovely things. Keeping our focus steadfast on Him, basking wholeheartedly in His love. Walking with a spirit that is continually flowing in true love for God.

There are so many troubles in this life, but the beauty of it all is His promise, to never leave or forsake us. And that He shall remain with us, every step of the way.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope that it blessed you abundantly.

Lots of love, Devona


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