Learning To Receive From Your Heavenly Father

Learning To Receive From Your Heavenly Father

I’m learning what it means to embrace fatherly love. Fatherly love that is steadfast, with such beautiful security that is unwavering. Like so many of us, I’ve experienced deep disappointment in relationships throughout life. Such important relationships that were imperative to my development during childhood. I didn’t grow up in a home with both a mother and father. In fact, as an only child, I spent a lot of time alone. As I grew into adulthood and eventually as a Christian, my disappointment in love bled into my relationship with God. And I found it difficult to truly trust in Him as my Heavenly Father. It was a struggle. An absolute challenge that the Lord had to help me overcome. In this post I will share my journey, as well as my advice to you in learning to receive from your Heavenly Father.


You don’t have to earn His love

In my early years with the Lord, I didn’t know what love was. I never experienced it—true love. Neither did I comprehend the depths of His grace for me. I was afraid that if I didn’t do ‘enough’ for Him, He would be displeased with me. I was hard on myself. Concerned that that He wouldn’t see me as ‘devoted’ enough if I didn’t follow a list of religious rules and rituals. My heart was for the Lord. But it was as though I was journeying through my christian walk with fear, and not faith in His gracious love for me.

But because of His kindness and grace, He opened my eyes to see how deeply and sincerely He cares for me. Regardless of what I do, He adores me. There’s nothing that I could do to earn His love or His devotion toward me. There’s also a beautiful scripture that He pressed upon my heart.

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8

In this I have learned to receive from my Heavenly Father. Receive His love freely, and wholeheartedly. I’m learning to open my heart and allow Him to pour refreshing revelation of His love within me. For in Christ, I am enough for the Lord. And He loves me with an everlasting love.


You don’t have to earn His blessings

In the christian community, I have seen a lot of ‘advice’ that shares if we do x y z, God will take care of us and provide us with what we need. It broke my heart then, and it still breaks my heart now. The only difference is, before I believed it.

There are so many single women who are praying for the blessing of marriage, as well as married women who are praying for the blessing of a child. In the christian community, I’ve seen a lot of things shared like, ‘God wants you to do x y z first before He blesses you’, or other nonsense such as ‘you’re not ready’. It creates a false narrative within the hearts of these women, that cause us to believe we aren’t enough and we have to work for His help. I’ve grown tired of believing that for so long. And it has truly hindered me from learning to receive from my Heavenly Father.

God has shared with me the fervent strength of His love for His daughters. Whether we are in a season of suffering or a season of joy, He loves us. And He would never withhold anything good from His children.

“For the LORD God is a sun and shield; The LORD will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold From those who walk uprightly.” – Psalm 84:11

I’m learning to receive from my Heavenly Father. And trust that He loves me, wanting to give me the best.


You don’t have to fight for what He promised you

Something that has torn my heart apart over the years is the belief that we have to ‘fight for’ God’s will to happen within our lives. The warfare. The restlessness. The constant fasting and prayers just for our Heavenly Father to help us.

I do agree with prayer and fasting, but I don’t agree with beating yourself up in the process.

God had to teach me to wholeheartedly trust Him, and learn to rest in Him. To let go of the constant toiling, the constant warfare, the constant pushing only to receive what He has already promised us.

“Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him.” – Psalm 37:7

I’m learning to pray and let go, just like Hannah in 1 Samuel. She poured her heart out to the Lord, and left it entirely in His hands.



Sometimes when one is so used to fighting through life, they don’t know how to receive. That was me, and I’m still learning day by day to surrender and rest in His embrace. God is a loving Father who wants to provide for us. And I’m learning to let Him lavish me with His love and security, each and every day, as He leads me lovingly into His plan.


Thank you for reading, I hope that it blessed you.

Lots of love, Devona



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