Cultivating a Gentle Heart

Cultivating a Gentle Heart

One of the desires within my heart, is to continually bloom beautifully in gentleness. And during the beginning stages in my journey of aiming to cultivate a gentle heart, I found an obstacle that hindered me from truly embracing gentleness with all my heart. The hinderance was, not being able to be gentle with myself. I found it difficult to extend gentleness to others, since I could not be gentle with myself. It almost reminds me of the scripture, ‘And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ – Matthew 22:39.

In my journey of cultivating a gentle heart, I’ve had to go through a deep healing journey of unravelling the lies that have been so bonded within my soul for so long. After years of bullying, abuse and general difficult situations in life, trials and tribulations have a tendency to cause you to neglect yourself and your heart in the process. When one endures so much heartache, sometimes there’s no choice but to look inward and ask yourself, ‘what have I done wrong?’ And I have asked myself that question over and over for decades. Constantly blaming myself over the years has caused me to have a very difficult relationship with myself. Self-hatred and self-loathing is something that God had to truly deliver me from. And through my healing deliverance I have learned to finally be able to become gentle with my heart, that I may share that with others.

A few years back, I tried with all of my heart to show love and gentleness with others. My soul desired it, but my heart felt incapable of doing it at the time, because I carried so much hate in my heart – hate for myself. How can one carry hate and love at the same time? I felt as though I was putting on an act. Even though my longing to give love and gentleness to others were genuine, it honestly felt false as I tried it. It felt as though a heavy weight was overpowering me, resting so heavily upon my shoulders. I couldn’t love myself, and it was a big setback in me being able to show the love that I had for others.

Cultivating a gentle heart takes time. It took me a very long time, and even now, I still have so much more to learn. There’s so much more room to grow and bloom within His will. To blossom in becoming like Jesus is a life-long process, but taking one day at a time with Him makes the big difference. And I have come to learn, that spending quiet time with the Lord daily has enabled me to not only grow into the woman that He desires for me to be, but I have also experienced His gentleness, His kindness and His grace.

There’s a quote that mentions the more you spend time with someone, the more you begin to reflect them and their ways. Committing my time intentionally with the Lord has helped me to shed my old, selfish, worldly and broken ways, in order that I have room to bloom in His magnificent glory.

I have found that there are many social media pages of ‘femininity’ brands that ‘coach’ women on how to be gentle and feminine. But after my journey of trying to cultivate a gentle heart, I have discovered that gentleness is not something to be merely taught. Rather, it is something to be cultivated in the presence of God. For I have learned that true, incorruptible beauty comes from the spirit. It is something that doesn’t fade away with age. It’s a kind of beauty that we carry through to eternity. The radiance of Jesus and the glory of His love.

Thank you so much for reading my post. I hope that it helps to inspire you too, on your journey of cultivating a gentle heart. 

Lots of love, Devona


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