Resting In My Femininity

Resting In My Femininity

Over the last few months, I have been powerfully ushered into a whole new way of living. It is as though God has planted me in a beautiful, and refreshing garden of rest. I am no longer toiling in a place of tiresome restlessness. For I have reached a stage in my life where overwhelming circumstances, and difficult situations, have given me no choice but to take refuge in the place of letting go, trusting God and resting in my femininity. Naturally throughout life, our primary instinct in the midst of challenging situations is to do something. To be the problem solver, to correct anything and everything that isn’t going our way. I feel as though the world has shifted in such a way where we demand entire control over our lives. And should things not go our way, we do everything we can to pursue change and alignment within our will. But I have come to a time in my life where I have done it all. Throughout the last few years of my life, I have toiled my heart out. I have laboured in vain, I have chased the wind, and done everything within my limited power to be the problem solver. But all of that, resulted in nothing. And I was left with a weary soul, drained of strength and hope to have faith for anything again.

Then I had no choice but to be still and rest. My heart was too tired, too exhausted to continue on the journey of pursuing my will. And in this season of resting and abiding within Christ’s love, I have found a serene joy in just being, and believing. I have learned to rest in His will. And I have also learnt that in life, there are just some things that are absolutely out of our control. As mere human beings, we were not built to carry the weight of doing everything within our own strength. The Lord has created us to depend wholeheartedly on Him. But something that I have found is, many individuals, including myself, have struggled with this area. It’s as though we believe that every success, every accomplishment, and every opportunity of moving forward is merely based on how hard we work. And I believe that God allowed me to come to a place of surrender in order to truly humble my spirit and look to Him as my source of providence and strength.

Resting in my femininity has taught me to delight in the art of being. I have learned to delight in walking through life with an open heart, ready to receive whatever it may be that God wants to give to me.

My mind is no longer wandering in hopelessness and despair, and my shoulders are no longer heavy with the weight of aiming to reach perfection, in a world that’s filled with ambition and competitiveness. I feel free, and at ease, in the centre of God’s serene love. Knowing that He is in control, and His hand is indeed, upon me. I can enter into Christ’s rest and believe that not only are all things possible with Him, but He will also faithfully usher me into His plan for my life.

I have found rest in dwelling on the reality that the Lord comprehends how to lead me, and bless me according to His time, His way, and His plan. Surrendering to Him is one of the hardest, yet most beautiful things I have ever done. And I have come to understand, that taking the narrow path as I follow Him, is a place of refinement, purification and alignment with His will.

Elisabeth Elliot once said, “The essence of femininity is surrender.”

Resting in my femininity allows me to truly know what it means to trust in the Lord with all of my heart. I no longer have to worry about how things will happen, for I trust in the one who does. And His glory and power, truly surpasses anything and everything that I could possibly achieve in my own strength.

Thank you for reading, I hope this piece of writing has blessed you beautifully.

Lots of love, Devona


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