The Lost Art of Family Photo Albums

The Lost Art of Family Photo Albums

One of the most beautiful experiences in life is to reflect upon the treasured memories that you have shared with your family. Absorbing every precious photograph, holding those cherished images in your hands. I hold the lost art of family photo albums dearly to my heart. For there are moments where I often find myself missing my late grandmother, but the blessing of her stacks of family photo albums always refresh such pleasant memories to my heart.

I feel as though in today’s world, there are many of us who focus primarily on sharing memories, stories and family photographs on social media. And though I don’t think that to be a bad thing, I still do value the beauty and significance of printed images that are collected beautifully within an album. For your precious memories aren’t limited to a social media app (that can possibly be deleted or wiped away at any moment), but rather, you can pass on your photo albums to your children, and their children’s children.

My personal belief is that when it comes to the lost art of family photo albums, there is something special in the sense of, there are certain images that only the eyes of your closes family members can see. I think when someone uploads such a precious and personal photos on social media all the time, it can be quite often overlooked by random strangers that just scroll through their feed. Strangers or distant, old school friends that follow our profiles are usually only casually scrolling through for some entertainment of some sort. And again, I do not think it a bad thing to share your family pictures now and again. However, my desire is that people would begin to value gathering printed pictures, stories and memories for the benefit of their family, and to bless their descendants to come. Because who knows if facebook or instagram will be here in twenty years time?

The art of privacy, and the lost art of family photo albums, is something that I will always cherish. And I am forever grateful that I am able to see through the life and memories of my late grandmother through her photo albums. Looking at her stories and memories, and holding them physically in my hands, is something that I will always treasure for the rest of my life. And I’m quite sure, that your grandchildren will too.


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