Life Lessons That I Will Teach My Future Daughters

Life Lessons That I Will Teach My Future Daughters

My future daughters are deeply treasured within my heart. I look forward to my dreams coming true of finally meeting them! Recently, I have been reflecting on the lessons I have learnt throughout my life as I have turned twenty five. These lessons have been truly imperative to my journey of blossoming into the woman that I am today. And whilst I believe that the journey of growth never ends, I decided to note down the precious ones that I have valued close to my heart within the last few years. Here are the following life lessons that I will teach my future daughters.


My Daughters’ Identity

A lesson that I would love to teach my daughters is the importance of knowing that their identity rests beautifully in Christ. In the world we often believe that our identity is within our careers, our finances, and our relationship status’. However, as Christians we know that this is far from the truth. As women, we are often fed lies that our identity is also tied to our outer beauty. From our skin, our hair, our body shape and even the way we dress. With all of my heart, I desire to teach my daughters that they are so precious in the sight of God in Christ. And that regardless of how they look, or what their position is, they carry such beautiful worth in Him.

My Daughters’ Beauty

One of the life lessons that I will teach my daughters is the true meaning of beauty. I am a qualified beauty therapist. And I have been trained extensively in beauty treatments and makeup techniques. However, during my years within the beauty industry, I have realised that though one may adorn themselves with beautiful things, it is nothing compared to the true, inner beauty that comes from within.

 “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” – 1 Peter 3:3-4

Throughout my walk with the Lord, He has taught me that there’s nothing wrong with makeup and hairstyles that compliment our outer beauty. However it is an issue if we mistake those things as our only beauty. Beauty comes from within our spirit. One’s soul can glow with the radiance of kindness, gentleness, goodness and love. It is a timeless and unfading beauty that we can carry with us as we age.

I want to teach my daughters to not neglect their inner beauty. And to always make time to blossom beautifully within their spirit through Christ and His Word. For that is where true beauty stems from.

My Daughters’ Health

Recently over the last few years, I have grown passionate about healthy diet, nutrition and exercise. Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit. And I treasure my body deeply enough to ensure that it receives the vitamins, nutrients and exercise it needs. I have become eager in learning healthy recipes, understanding balanced meals, as well as learning what vitamins and nutrients are needed for us to live healthier lives.

As well as my sons, I also want to teach my daughters the importance of looking after our health. For it is such a gift and treasure from God. And by His grace, it is my prayer that my children will live healthy lives, and teach their families to pursue the best healthy lifestyle that they can.

My Daughters’ Peace

There are a lot of things within this world that have the ability to snatch away our peace. And though trials and tribulations are bound to happen at some stages throughout life, I would love to teach my daughters about how imperative it is to protect their peace. Whether that be walking with wisdom and prudence when it comes to friendships, relationships, work situations, personal issues and so on, it is my hearts deepest desire to teach my daughters to ensure that their peace is based on Christ as their foundation. For I have found throughout the years that my peace has been easily shaken if I have not kept Christ as my foundation of serenity and refuge. It is my earnest wish to teach my daughters the value of keeping their hearts steadfast on Him.

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” – Isaiah 26:23

My Daughters’ Friendships

Friendships create a huge chunk of our lives. For the people that we surround ourselves with, have the ability to alter our character. “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”” – 1 Corinthians 15:33

A lesson that I would like to teach my daughter is to love everyone as they love themselves, but be prayerful when it comes to choosing close friends. To look out for the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5), and to reflect on how certain friends make them feel.

I have experienced much heartbreak and disappointment in friendships throughout my teenage years especially. I settled with toxic friendships out of fear of being lonely. I would like to teach my daughters that they never have to settle in friendships, or any relationship. For not only are they worth being treated with kindness and respect, but also Jesus is a present friend in their lives. Who is able to lead the right people on to their path in His time.

I want to teach my daughters to not be easily pressured or influenced by friends, nor compare their journey to their friends. But to keep their soul’s fixed on Jesus and His Word and His plan for their lives.

My Daughters’ Modesty

Another one of the life lessons that I will teach my future daughters is modesty. Modesty begins at the heart, and eventually it radiates outwardly. I want to teach my daughters the beauty in being humble, poised and meek. I would also like them to enjoy fashion. I believe that every woman should be able to express herself wonderfully through the way she dresses. And it is my hope that I will inspire my daughters to dress up in beautiful clothing that decently compliments their body, not reveal it.

Unfortunately, there are many individuals in this world that lust over young women. When my daughters reach an appropriate age, I would like my future husband and I to talk with them about this so they are not ignorant of the negative things of this world. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit guides them in all things. Modesty begins at the heart. The Lord will do the rest.

My Daughters’ Passions

Whether my daughters’ feel a calling to be a musician, or a doctor. An artist, or a teacher. A businesswoman or a stay-at-home mother, I will want to teach them to truly treasure the passion that God has planted within them. Regardless of what others may say. For it is God alone who decides the course of our destiny, if we choose to follow His path. And with all of my heart, I desire for my children to follow what He has placed within them.

Throughout the course of my entire life, I have had an abundance of individuals tell me that I shouldn’t be whatever it is that I wanted to be. That it’s not realistic. Or that it doesn’t pay well enough. But why are we so concerned about money if it’s the Lord’s will? I will never understand why some people have the audacity to tell someone, especially children, that they cannot achieve something. It is literally damaging to one’s soul, and can possibly lead someone off the path that the Lord has for them. Through which, whatever my daughters’ may feel inclined to do, being guided by God, then I will support them 100% of the way. I will speak words of life over them. I will encourage them, uplift them and help them on their dreams as much as I can.

My Daughter’s Gratitude

I have learnt the power in gratitude. Both on the good days, and on the bad. I have discovered such beauty in recognising the beauty in simplicity. Being thankful for the simple things. From the hot water boiling in the kettle, to the beautiful birdsong that sounds glorious outside in the garden. From fresh laundry, to a warm and delicious meal. There are many things to be grateful for. And it is within both the small things, and the big things, that I desire my daughters to give God praise for.

My Daughters’ Time

Time is truly precious. And my heart yearns to see my children using their time wisely. From disciplining themselves to remain dedicated to work/study, and also balancing that out with time to rest.  I would also like to teach my daughters to refrain from consuming too much social media. For I have found that the habit of scrolling online can hinder you from spending time doing things that you actually love. Your passions and pursuits that will help you to flourish and thrive into who you’ve called to be. Therefore, it is my hope that my daughters learn to limit their time on social media apps, and instead focus on hobbies and other things such as dancing lessons, sports, music/writing/art lessons or whatever it is that they delight in.

My Daughters’ Wisdom 

Wisdom helps us to make good choices in life. I look forward to teaching my daughters the importance of applying wisdom to everything that they do. And that they are able to seek the Lord for wisdom in all things, for He is faithful to help them on their unique journey’s.

Using wisdom has saved me from a lot of trouble and difficulty over my lifetime, and it is my prayer that my future husband and I will be able to help our children blossom in wisdom as fruitfully as they can.

My Daughters’ Education

Education is extremely important. My heart deeply desires to teach my daughters that education is not limited to a school, college or university. (Though those things are very important too!) But I would like them to understand that they can always be learning throughout life as they grow older. Whether it is a new language, or learning an instrument, learning about a new culture, learning about a specific subject through hours of reading and study. Education never stops, if you keep pursuing the things that interest you. You can even be learning at home in the kitchen, learning new recipes! There is so much to learn throughout life, and I hope with all of my heart that my daughters will not limit themselves in a way where others may have limited them. But they can rest assured that they can be constantly learning, growing and flourishing.

My Daughters’ Single Season

Whether my daughters get married or not, their value and worth is in Christ alone. I would love to teach my daughters the beauty of the single season, and not to despise it. Though I comprehend how painful the single season can get sometimes (for some people), I desire to encourage my daughters that Jesus loves them. Much more ardently than any man could ever adore them.

My Daughters’ Marriage 

One of the life lessons that I will teach my future daughters will be about marriage. I desire to teach my daughters the significance of marriage, and the beauty in having a relationship where both husband and wife are devoted in selflessly loving one another. Through serving and caring for each other. I want my daughters to know that marriage isn’t about fulfilling one’s loneliness. It’s about loving the person with all of your heart, and remaining faithful to them until death.

I also look forward to teaching my daughters about the domestic side when it comes to the role of a wife. The beauty of homemaking, and creating a beautiful serenity for their husband and children.

It is my prayer that my daughters will reverence the institution of marriage.

My Daughters’ Heavenly Father

I am quite sure that my daughters will have an amazing earthly father, who loves and adores them so much! But their dad and I will not always be here. Nor will we always be available to come to their help 24/7 as they grow older in life. I have learned many lessons in my life, regarding the Lord being my heavenly father. There are many times where I have felt abandoned, alone, scared and uncared for. But my Heavenly Father has been faithful to take care of me.

I desire to share beautiful stories with my daughters about the faithfulness of their Heavenly Father and what He has done in my life, as well as in the bible. I truly look forward to seeing their relationship with God grow beautifully within intimacy.

My Daughters’ Purpose

Earlier I mentioned the importance of my daughters pursuing the passions and dreams that God has placed within their heart. Now I would like to talk about teaching my daughters to remember their main purpose, and the two valuable commandments that Jesus said to us.

I have found that many of us in the world have become obsessed with the idea of being ‘purposeful’. I myself used to fall into that trap within my early twenties. I felt like I was useless if I wasn’t going anything ‘important’ or of ‘worth’. But through growing in the Word, I have learned that our purpose flows from this:

“So He answered and said, “ ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbour as yourself.’ ” – Luke 10:27

I want to remind my daughters that their purpose is to love. To love God, to love others, and to love themselves. And beautiful things will flow gloriously from obedience to God.

My Daughters’ Prayers

One of the life lessons that I will teach my daughters is the beauty in prayer. Prayer is simply communicating with God. To pray without ceasing, means to be continually flowing with intimacy with God throughout the day. I would love to teach my daughters that God is their best friend. And He will be with them at every moment, every single day, listening to their hearts and supporting them every step of the way! I want to teach my daughters that they can always speak to Him, and share with Him what’s on their heart. To not be afraid of being honest and truthful, because He knows anyway!

It is my absolute hope and dream to see all of my children grow deeply in intimacy with the Lord through prayer and blossoming in His Word.

My Daughters’ Salvation

Lastly, I desire to teach my children about the gift of salvation that they have been given in Christ. And it is up to them to receive it by faith in Him, through God’s grace. I want to be a living example to my children, not just someone who tells them, but shows them. Shows them the love of God. Shows them the beauty of the gospel, and the joy of the Lord. I would never force my children to do something, because it wouldn’t be genuine. I believe that through prayer, love, and being the best example that I can be, God can work absolute wonders in their lives.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope this inspired you to teach your children certain lessons that you probably haven’t thought of! These are only some of the life lessons that I will teach my future daughters. I am sure that I will learn so much more in the days to come. Children are such a gift, and they have been so precious and entrusted in our care from God. I hope this blessed you xx

ps. if you delighted reading in this post, I think that you will adore, The Gift of Motherhood

Also, a beautiful book on motherhood that I would recommend for Christian mothers would be Risen Motherhood


God bless, and lots of love, Devona xxx


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