The Art of Being


the art of being

The Art of Being

Within the 21st century, our minds have a strong tendency to consistently dwell upon our devotion to work, building finances and maintaining a social life. We’ve adapted to a mindset that seems to be often fixed in survival mode. The pressure to work, earn and survive. Working a 9-5, Monday to Friday. Only to live out the same routine, week after week. And those weeks eventually stretch into years. Years of doing, but not truly comprehending what it means to learn the art of being.

Previously over the years, I have worked consistently within a full-time job. I received an abundance of financial gain, and money was never an issue for me. Although, the problem was that my soul was so deeply embedded within pain. I was crippled by anxiety and confusion. For I felt as though for so long I had been living to earn, not living to thrive. I lacked understanding regarding who I was as a person, and what it actually was that I delighted in doing with my life.

I lost myself within my job. For I confused my identity with my job role.

Unfortunately, the world has created a false narrative concerning productivity. Such as, being productive equates to earning money or entering into some form of higher education. Although if we were to enter into a time of learning the art of being, such as resting, reflection, healing and growth, I feel as though that wouldn’t be as praised.

Toxic productivity has damaged the souls of many women. As women, many of us are expected to be Wonder Woman and do it all. Being the wife, the mother, the homemaker. As well as juggling a full-time career, business and maybe even also pursuing her personal dreams. And though I believe that many women are capable of that, I also think there may be some women who may not desire to juggle so many different responsibilities at once. We are humans, not superheroes. And it breaks my heart to see both men and women shattered and overwhelmed with the magnitude of expectations that have been placed upon them.

I have often heard people say, “I feel bad for resting, I feel like I should be doing something.” But I have found in those precious few moments of stillness, you are able to see an abundance of beauty that shines forth from within your soul. For in the midst of the constant noise, work and activity, it can be often harder to grasp the innermost longings and details of your heart.

The art of being helps you to discover treasure within you. Spending time alone can provide you with such beautiful benefits. Though as humans, it is something that we can often run away from, especially if you’re extroverted. We do indeed have a longing for intimacy and companionship. However, we also owe it to ourselves to fall in love with the beauty of who we are as individuals.

In my season of resting, I came across something that truly shocked me to the core. I realised, that I knew other people better than I knew myself. For if someone were to ask me, “Who are you?” I honestly would have not known what to answer, other than my occupation. But we are so much more than the work that we do. Whether you are a business woman or a stay-at-home mother. There is so much more to you than you realise. Glorious beauty is wonderfully woven in the fabric of your very soul. But we often neglect ourselves, and never truly comprehend it.

It took me a while to understand that my worth and identity is far more than what my job is. For I have been raised in a society where my career and how much money I earn, is a reflection of who I am. 

In this season, I have learnt the art of being. And have obtained a greater understanding on the meaning of life. And I believe life should be abundant with love. True love for yourself, love toward others, and most importantly to God. But how are any of us truly able to comprehend that, if our minds are constantly fixated upon the goal of earning?

It is a burden that deeply troubles my heart. For I long to see others, both men and women, young and old, to discover their true passion in life. For them to obtain the beautiful desires of their hearts. And for each to comprehend the beauty that resides so powerfully within them.

This post is not to encourage anyone to quit their job, rather it’s more of an encouragement to inspire you to reflect on your life, and discover what you believe is the meaning of life. To live in a state of being, rather than doing. To fall in love with your soul, ardently. And to believe in the beautiful possibilities of your dreams.


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Lots of love, Devona xx


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