How I Went From Being a Career Woman To An Aspiring Traditional Homemaker

How I Went From Being a Career Woman To An Aspiring Traditional Homemaker

For as long as I can remember, I had always thought my dream was to be a career woman. And because of that, I have spent years upon years of my life pursuing businesses and a thriving career in various creative fields, only to discover that my true desire was to be a traditional homemaker. Overtime what I found was that my dream of being a mother and a wife, was suppressed by the world’s vision for my life. The world’s ideal way of doing things would be to enter into higher education, and pursue a career, contributing to society. But I knew deep down within my heart that I wanted something so much more different than that. Little did I know that it would take me years to eventually discover what I truly longed for.

But this journey of discovery all started from my teenage years, when everyone was considering career choices and what to study at university. Growing up I had always looked forward to studying a degree. My family and my friends would praise absolutely everyone who attended university, and always said that those who go to university are guaranteed to go much further in life than those who don’t. Although, the closer I approached the age of eighteen, the more I realised that the idea of university for my life, personally never settled with me. I had no idea what I wanted to be, I was not inclined to study a particular subject that I knew I was absolutely passionate about. I was simply not ready to commit myself to studying a subject I had no interest in for possibly more than three years. Through which, I decided to not go. I remember many people within my life being deeply disappointed by my decision. And discouraging comments concerning my life’s path has always haunted me, even till now. But within my soul I knew that I made the right choice, for there was nothing better than remaining true to myself.


The Career Woman

From the age of seventeen up until twenty three, I worked my way up within the beauty industry at the most well known salons, spas and makeup brands. On the side, I ran a beauty business, doing makeup artistry, massages, nails and lashes. But I can’t express to you how unhappy I was throughout those years. Though I may have earned a decent amount of money, my soul honestly just felt so empty, with a sense of lack that was absolutely inexpressible. I was a career woman, the young woman who was earning money, working toward target after target, goal after goal. My working hours were unsociable and draining. I would come home feeling ridiculously tired, to the point where I did not even have time or energy to pray or read the Word. I also became irritable because of the immense pressure upon my shoulders to work as hard as I could as a career woman. It came to such a point where my friends and family were concerned, for I was barely available to spend time with them. Work and money became my idols, God, family and friends were at the bottom of my priorities.

Early 2020, I came to the point in my life where I grew tired of journeying through the same, tiresome cycles. I was just twenty-three, and I had to take time off from work due to stress!! I could not mentally and emotionally cope with my mind being filled with such demanding financial targets, and constant career goals that would never end. And it was within that time where I really felt like God was revealing His call for me to become a traditional homemaker one day. Ever since then, I quit my job and I am now staying at home and focusing on my writing, while preparing for the next season of my life as I continue to seek Him first.


Aspiring Traditional Homemaker

And you may be wondering, what I have actually been doing at home within the last two to three years. Well, as I am not currently married yet, I have worked on discovering the passions that have been deeply embedded within me! Ever since I was a little girl, I adored writing, blogging and painting. And that’s exactly what I have been doing. The Lord has been so kind to provide for me financially in the meantime. Since I have quit my job, I have written five poetry and devotional books, one of them actually reached the amazon bestselling new release list! I have also been working on my paintings and this blog. Reading literature is something that also gives me joy, so I have been pretty occupied with that too!

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Reading books on marriage, motherhood and homemaking is something that I have done a lot throughout the past few years, and they have blessed me so much. For I have learnt many things about these topics that I honestly wouldn’t have known if I entered into marriage without preparing for it.

I have also been going through a beautiful journey of inner healing with the Lord. There have been many broken places within my heart that I didn’t allow God to touch due to being so busy with life during my previous years. But as I allowed Him to heal me as I spent time with Him, I began to see such a beautiful transformation within me. He helped me to shed off my old thoughts and old ways through being renewed by His Word. I was also able to nurture my currents friendships, and learn to discover who I am as a person, outside of a career. This journey of self-discovery and returning to the Lord has been life-changing for me.

Why I Want To Become a Traditional Homemaker

If you’d like to know more about the reason why I desire to become a traditional homemaker, please read my post, Why I Want To Be a Homemaker . For long I have known that I delight in being at home, I’m not really that woman who enjoys being outside of the home often. I have also always longed to have a family of my own, and what could truly be better for me, than to serve and love my future family? To create a serene, lovely home for them. To cook them healthy meals, to maintain a clean, fresh home. To be the best, present mother that I can be. To be a devoted wife for my husband.

Being a stay at home mother is an absolute dream come true. As I have remained at home throughout the last few years, the Lord has helped my soul find rest and peace. Rest was something I could never understand throughout my career years. For my mind was constantly overwhelmed and weary. But God truly had to strip my soul from always being on edge, concerned about finances and achievements. Through which, I have learnt the art of being. Finally, comprehending what it means to be me. Without pressure, without burdens.

Trusting Him In The Waiting

I am not yet married, but I have faith that one day I will be. Through which, I am waiting patiently on the Lord to provide a husband for me who will be kind and understanding of my calling as a traditional homemaker. In the meantime, I will continue to blossom in God, as I fall deeper in love with Him and the woman that He has called me to be.


Thank you very much for reading, I pray that you are blessed by it!

Lots of love, Devona xxx



  1. Zoey
    March 20, 2022 / 2:01 pm

    This resonated deeply with me. You described exactly how I feel. You truly have a way with words Devona.
    God bless you

    Love from South Africa!

    • devonafayana
      April 24, 2022 / 7:37 pm

      Hello Zoey! ♡

      Awww I am so happy to hear that you loved the post! It’s my pleasure! Thank you so much for your kind words, and thank you again for reading! ♡ God bless you abundantly! ♡

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