30 Ways To Be Your Husband’s Helper



30 Ways To Be Your Husband’s Helper

Dear Beautiful Wife, mere words could not describe the absolute marvellous magnitude, and splendid significance that you carry in your husband’s life. You are so exceedingly precious, and you hold a certain key to his heart, that no-one else on this earth could ever acquire. And though there may be trials and tribulations that he may experience throughout his life, you, as his beloved wife, carry such a beautiful and special ability to help him a plethora of ways. In this post, I will share with you 30 ways how to be your husband’s helper. It is my hope and desire that through these tips, not only will your husband thrive in potent abundance, but also your marriage shall be strengthened like never before. ♡

The scriptures that are inspired by this post are:

“And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” – Genesis 2:18

“Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.  For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Saviour of the body. Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” – Ephesians 5:22

“And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” – Matthew 22:39

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:4


1. Affirm Your Husband

A beautiful way to be your husband’s helper is by affirming him with words of gratitude and kindness. Tell him how dearly you appreciate him and what he does for you and the family. Be specific with your words. What do you adore about him? What are you grateful for regarding him? Pleasant words are like honeycomb, pleasant to the soul and health to the bones. Through which, your constant words of love and appreciation will create such a positive impact on your husband’s heart.

2. Show Your Husband How Deeply You Honour Him

A man delights in being honoured by all who know him, but specifically, his beloved. His heart is so deeply ravished by who you are, as his wife. He chose you, and devoted himself to loving you faithfully when you both exchanged those sacred vows. Through which, as he sees you as his most precious treasure, it would also mean the world to him if he knew how passionately you honoured him. It’s lovely to honour your husband, but it’s another thing to actually share that with him on a regular basis. Your words of strength and encouragement offer your husband indescribable joy and support. As your husband’s helper, remind him of how honourable and wonderful he is in your sight. I can assure you, that he would be so grateful for the beautiful assurance.

3. Be Creative With Your Expression of Love

There are many glorious ways that one can express their love. Show your husband how ardently you adore him through creative expression. What are the things that you enjoy? What are the things that your husband delights in? Baking his favourite sweet treat? Giving him a scalp massage? Surprising him for an adventurous hike? Your husband would so greatly appreciate you taking the time out to treat him and sharing your beautiful heart with him. It will help him by uplifting his spirit, and surging marvellous refreshment into his life through your love. What creative ways would you like to share your love toward your man?

4. Listen Intently To Your Husband

Words cannot describe how special it is when someone that you’re speaking to is listening intently to your heart. Take the time out to listen to your husband, without interrupting him. Allow him to release and open up his heart to you. Sometimes, we need not only someone to give us advice, but we also have those moments where we just need a listening ear. There may be times when your husband is weary or distressed. And in those situations, sometimes it would be best to hear him out as you comfort him with your tender affection. Listen to him, by looking into his eyes. Providing him with your undivided attention. Absorbing every detail, and every word that he shares with you. Embrace that beautiful, and precious moment. Because he trusts you as his wife, and best companion. Hold his heart so carefully in his hands, and he will be grateful as you help him by being a listening ear.

5. Adore Your Husband’s Masculinity

Part of a husband’s role is to lead, protect and provide for his wife. And a husband would feel absolutely strengthened and encouraged as you acknowledge and affirm his masculinity. As the love of his life, he delights in taking good care of you. He understands that his job is to lavish you with love and ensure that you are perfectly looked after, to the best of his ability. As your husband’s helper, the more you compliment his masculinity and how wonderful he has been throughout your relationship, the greater his confidence will arise.

6. Show Interest In The Details of Your Husband’s Life

There are seasons throughout life that can be so busy! And I comprehend that many times, we may be so enwrapped with our own duties and responsibilities. However, your husband should always be your priority (after your relationship with the Lord, of course!). And there’s nothing as special as dedicating quality time to showing interest in the details of your husband’s life. For example, if he is watching a sports match, you could watch it with him. Or ask him about the details of his workplace and career. How does he find it on a daily basis? What are the tasks involved? Would he like to progress in another field? You could also watch him doing his favourite hobby. Or if he enjoys hiking, go along with him some days! Encourage him to pursue those deepest desires of his heart. This will be a blessing to your husband by helping him to grow as the man that he has called to be.

7. Speak Highly of Your Husband To Others

The way a woman talks about her husband speaks volumes. You can see it within the glimmer of her eye, or through the tone of her voice. The choice of words that she uses. Her countenance when his name is mentioned. Through which, I would encourage wives to help their husband by speaking highly of him to others. Even if there may be things that you don’t particularly like about your husband, I think it’s best to keep that to yourself/marriage counsellor and give it to the Lord in prayer. A man admires when he is spoken positively about. And it means so much to him when it comes from the woman that he passionately adores. To speak highly of your husband in front of family, friends and acquaintances helps him by building his self esteem and also strengthening his positive reputation in the sight of others.

8. Make a Beautiful Home For Your Husband

I am a firm believer that the home can have such a powerful impact on those who dwell within it. Your husband works so hard to provide for you. After a long day at work, or a tiresome week in the office, it would be so lovely for him to arrive home to a clean, fresh and welcoming atmosphere! Put on some yummy scented candles. Cook a delicious homemade dinner. Place some fresh sheets on the bed. Clean his study. Add a homey touch of pretty, plush cushions in the family room on the sofa. As your husband’s helper, creating a relaxing, homely atmosphere for your husband is one of the best thing you can do for him. Your home will be an absolute haven for your husband to dwell in peace!

9. Cook Scrumptious Meals Filled With Nutrition For Your Husband’s Health

Your husband’s health is exceedingly important. He needs to remain in the best health possible, in order to thrive in his calling. Diet and nutrition plays an imperative part to his life. As his wife, consider collecting a few different healthy recipes that he would like, and try them! Not only would his body benefit from it, but I am sure that he would appreciate your new, creative meals!

10. Allow Your Husband To Lead You as You Submit To Him

As I mentioned in the previous points, your husband’s role is to lead you, and that’s a massive part of his masculinity. As the head of the family, allow your husband to lead you as you submit to him. Open your heart to yield to his authority as your husband. Respect him as he share his opinions, his thoughts, and his choices. When he makes a decision about something, encourage him by letting him know that you trust his leadership. God will guide you both in the right direction. Your role as a wife is to submit to your husband, the Lord will do the rest.

11. Surprise Your Husband With Things He Loves

There’s nothing more wonderful than having a lovely surprise! It brightens up our day, and places a joyful smile upon our faces! Surprising your husband will invigorate his spirit with the most uplifting mood. What kind of things do you think he would love to be surprised with? Examples could be scheduling time on the weekend to have a movie night, watching his choice of film. You could also surprise him by making his favourite dinner. Or buying him a cute gift that you know he would adore! Get creative and begin thinking about what surprises would bring a smile to your husband’s face!

12. Speak Words of Life Over Your Husband

Speaking sincere, words of life over your husband can have a positive impact on his soul. Consequently, benefiting his life in so many ways. And there are many battles that one faces, especially the battles within the mind. Your husband may or may not be open about these issues. But we all experience negative thoughts at one point. I have found that when someone speaks words of life over a person, they are immediately strengthened. As though a weight of heaviness is literally taken off their shoulders. Your husband goes through so much throughout his day. Whether it is spiritually, professionally, emotionally, mentally or through other personal situations in life. But you, as his wife, speaking life over your husband will bless his soul abundantly. And he will indeed remember, every beautiful word that you have said. Carrying that with him always to hold on to, even in the most challenging times. For he will remember, that in times where he finds it hard to believe in himself, the love of his life, believes in him.

13. Show Tender Affection With Your Husband on a Regular Basis

One thing I adore about romance, is the beautiful, tender affection that couples share with one another. It is so sweet, and invigorating to the soul. Filling your stomach with a billion butterflies, awakening your heart to the most delightful sensation as you saturate yourself in sincere love. Now there may be times where your husband may need affection. Giving him a cuddle, a hug, holding his hand, brushing your hands upon his shoulders etc etc. Humans were made for love. We were made for intimacy and closeness. Showing tender affection toward your husband will help him by fulfilling his needs. There’s nothing more beautiful and assuring than feeling acknowledged and loved.

14. Ask Your Husband How You Can Help Him With Work

Depending on what your husband’s career is, he may or may not need practical help. But it doesn’t hurt to ask! There may be tasks that you could help him with. And if not, you could help him by trying to learn and understand more about his career and role responsibilities. Encourage and support him on his journey as he pursues his dreams. Believe in him, and he will thrive so wonderfully!

15. Give Your Husband a Back Massage

Everybody loves a back massage. I can imagine how much your husband would appreciate receiving a relaxing, massage from you after a long week at work. Working so hard can often accumulate tension within areas of your back, making it more tiring for you to work to the best of your ability. Help your husband by relieving any tension within his back by giving him a lovely back rub! He will thank you for it!

16. Bless Your Husband With a Handwritten Love Letter

I adore love letters. And it is absolutely romantic when someone receives a love letter from their beloved. It’s even much more special if it is handwritten too! Tell your husband how much you love him and honour him by surprising him with a handwritten love letter. It is a timeless gift that he can cherish forever. There’s something lovely and unforgettable about putting a smile to someone’s face.

17. Regularly Share With Your Children Wonderful Your Husband Is

Your husband is your children’s hero. Their absolute role model within the home. They look up to their daddy. He is absolutely everything to them! Ensure that they know how much you also adore their father too! Tell your children about all of the wonderful things that their dad has done for you. Share with them reasons why you love and respect their father. As your husband’s helper, this will help him to be encouraged and affirmed within his role as a husband and father.

18. Kiss Your Husband Goodbye With Words of Encouragement Every Morning

I understand that in the morning, sometimes it may be so busy that you may not be able to always kiss your husband goodbye. But I would encourage wives to do so, as well as share a quick word of encouragement before he starts his day! It will help him to remain motivated, responsible and strong throughout his day. Knowing that his wife believes in him, and is so proud of him. Honouring him for taking care of her and the family. He will carry your words in his heart throughout the day, knowing that his hard work never goes in vain.

19. Ensure That You Are Making Time To Be Intimate With Your Husband

Make time to share intimate moments with your husband. Spiritually, in prayer. Emotionally, in conversation. And sexually, growing closer with one another. A marriage thrives as you are intentional with your time to grow in intimacy with each other. Don’t place your husband at the bottom of your priority list. As your husband’s helper, your marriage should be your first ministry. Remember how much you love him, and how grateful you are for him being within your life. And share your appreciation for him through special moments together.

20. Wake Up Early and Make Him Delicious Breakfast Daily

Treat your husband by making him breakfast! That would be a wonderful help to him, as making breakfast is one less thing to do in the morning as he prepares for work!! Be creative with your breakfast meals. Look for some delicious recipes, that you can switch up and bless him with every morning. Healthy, nutritious breakfasts that are packed with vitamins! It will give your husband energy and strength for the day!

21. Ask/Allow Your Husband To Help You

Another way that you can be your husband’s helper is by allowing him to actually help you! For example, if equipment or shopping bags are too heavy, ask him to carry them. If you’re having a hard time trying to work something out, ask for his help. As your husband, a man admires being needed by his wife. Whenever you are in need, don’t hesitate to ask him for some help! By doing so, that will help him to grow as the man that he has been created to be!

22. Express Your Thankfulness To Your Husband

Thankfulness is beautiful. What are you thankful for? What are the wonderful things that your husband currently does and has previously done for you? Do you ever express your gratitude toward him for those specific things? Share it with him more often. It will help him to feel appreciated and acknowledged for what he does for you. He will feel competent and strong, as his role as your husband.

23. Schedule Quality Time With Your Husband

If you can, schedule a dinner date or a candlelit dinner with your husband on the weekend. Spend quality time with him after work, however it best suits you both. By being intentional with your husband, he will feel seen and cared about. Many of your conversations will naturally help him as you develop within intimacy with one another. You are your husband’s helper. And there is no-one that would be able to minister to his heart like you!

24. Make Your Husband Yummy Lunches For Work

Sometimes, a long day at work can feel so stretched out and draining!! Surprise your husband by blessing him with different and exciting yummy packed lunches for work that you know he would love. It would help him by having one less thing to worry about! He will be so grateful for it, and he will be thinking of you as he delights in it!

25. Dwell on His Positive Characteristics and Reflect That Back To Him

Everybody has positives and negative parts about them. Rather than pointing out the negatives about your husband, and nagging him… dwell on his positive characteristics and reflect that back to him! Uplifting your husband will help him to see the good in himself and inspire him to become a better person. Tell him those positive things that you adore about his character. And you will be such a big help by nurturing his self esteem. In order for someone to grow, they need to be watered with positivity and love, not constant negativity.

26. Iron and Organise Your Husband’s Wardrobe

A lovely way to be your husband’s helper is by ironing his clothes and organising his wardrobe. This will help him to navigate easily and simply through his clothing. Especially on those weekday mornings for work! Ensure that his clothes are steamed and pristine beautifully. He will be so grateful for your help.

27. Ask Your Husband For Guidance

A husband delights in leading and guiding his wife. Sometimes, there may be situations in your life where you know exactly what to do. But there are other times that you could also ask your husband for guidance. Rather than going to a friend first or researching about it, try asking your husband for direction and guidance. Show him how much you appreciate his wisdom. And that would mean the world to him! By asking your husband for guidance, you are helping him to grow as the leader that he has been called to be.

28. Bless Your Husband With an Act of Service

Acts of service can be so special and held close to the heart. As your husband’s helper, try helping him out when he is in need of something! I am sure that he would truly appreciate it with all of his heart, and it might just be one of his love languages!

29. Respect His Time and Space

Be a helper to your husband by respecting his time and space. Respect his time by being punctual if he asks you to meet him somewhere for a certain time. Respect his space by not invading in his personal space, especially if he is tired or upset about something. Know when the time is right or wrong to approach him about something. Learn to understand his ways and his temperaments. He will appreciate how caring and considerate you are toward him!

30. Praise Your Husband, Always

Lastly, I would encourage wives to praise their husband’s. Always. Let your heart swell with radiance, joy, peace and love. Dwell on your husband’s successes and love toward you! Thank the Lord for such a wonderful husband, and share with others how passionately you honour your husband too! It will help him to be inspired to grow as the best man/husband that he can be!


Thank you for reading, lovely. I hope that this has helped you to find out more ways on how to be your husband’s helper! Be blessed, always! Lots of love, Devona xxx

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  1. Saffron King
    December 14, 2021 / 10:29 am

    This is a beautiful read. As a person who has a hearts desire to be married, this has taught me so much about what I need to do in order to be a good wife. Well written also! Very beautiful xx

    • devonafayana
      December 14, 2021 / 11:14 am

      Awww, thank you so much Saffron for reading!! xxx

  2. Cathrine
    April 24, 2022 / 5:37 pm

    I am single and hoping to get married one day. This has taught me to pray for me to be a good wife(helper).
    It has taught me not to just focus on prayers for my future husband but also to pray for me to be a loving wife to my husband

    • devonafayana
      April 24, 2022 / 7:17 pm

      Awwww, I am so pleased to hear that this post has helped you Cathrine! ♡

  3. Dewi Tobing
    June 5, 2022 / 9:15 am

    Thank you so much❤ I read this book with my future husband and discuss about the point.

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