Jesus Needs You To Remember…


Jesus needs you to remember, that He loves you ardently, from the depths of His heart.

And your life is held perfectly, in His passionate embrace.

He knows that your heart has been doubting.

And He knows that you have been wondering, where He is in this challenging season of your life.

But His beautiful Spirit wants to assure you,

that He has never left nor forsaken you.

And His devotion to you is unfailing.


Your heart is safe with Jesus.

He cherishes your heart, in the depths of His.

You can trust in Him, and find rest in His love.

For He can see that you are overwhelmed,

and He desires that you cast every care on Him,

for He cares exceedingly for you.


Take refuge in His presence,

and He shall wonderfully overflow you,

with His precious peace that surpasses all understanding.


Remember how much He loves you.

For He is always thinking of you,

and holding you close, in His ardent care.

Nothing, well ever separate you from His love.



Written by Devona Fayana


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