I Want You To Believe That Beautiful Things Are Coming For You


I want you to believe that beautiful things are coming for you. Jesus entirely comprehends your heart. For this season has felt like it has stretched you beyond what you can bear. And He can see how much your heart is drowning with weariness and despair. Your pain, and your tears, soaks His heart with the deepest compassion. And He is earnestly devoted, to help you overcome in this season, as He ushers you into something beautiful.

Though you may not fully understand what the Lord is currently doing within your life, I need your heart to lean on His love, remaining rooted within His Word. For through His Spirit, you shall be strengthened, comforted and encouraged. Your Heavenly Father’s divine providence and ardent care for you, is gloriously steadfast and unshakeable. 

Beloved, you have to trust in your Heavenly Father with all of your heart and strength. Do not lose sight of His faithfulness. You can depend on Him, to bring His good and perfect plan for you to completion. Though life brings challenges and difficult seasons, you shall rest in His truth, that you shall never be left, nor forsaken. For you are firmly grounded, in the passionate love of the Father.

I need you to arise in hope, beloved of God. For the Lord has something wondrous on the way to you. There is a magnitude of beautiful blessings, opportunities and greatness, that your Father has destined for you to wonderfully thrive in. Within the midst of His love, you shall blossom in His embrace. Forever He will abide in you, as you abide in Him. Eternally, you are enwrapped, in the loving arms, of the glorious Son.


Love, Devona Fayana


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