Prepare To Receive, All That God Has For You…


Prepare To Receive, All That God Has For You…


Beloved, prepare to receive, all that God has wonderfully orchestrated for you.

He knows how long, that you have earnestly waited on Him,

and He truly comprehends,  that what you are hoping for, may seem delayed or impossible at times.

But your Heavenly Father’s heart, is longing for you to understand,

that not only, does He hold your seasons, perfectly within in His hands,

but what He has spoken concerning your life, shall surely, bloom to marvellous fulfilment.

He will do it.

May your heart arise powerfully in wonderful anticipation, for your time of glorious change, is near.


Open your heart this moment, and receive all that He longs to give you.

For the Lord is faithful Father, who lavishes good gifts from heaven to His children.

Have faith in Him, for He is able, to make all things beautiful within it’s time.

There is nothing that is impossible, for Him to do.

The Lord is faithful, to breakthrough.

Not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit,

you will experience the glorious power of the Lord work marvellously within your life.

He shall make a road in the wilderness, and a river in the desert.

And He shall pour out a blessing over you, that exceeds beautifully beyond your expectations.

Wait patiently upon Him, and He shall strengthen your heart.

Trust in Him, with all of your being.

For He ardently, and fervently adores you.

With a gracious, and everlasting love.


Written by Devona Fayana


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