Your Heavenly Father Is Thinking Of You…

Your Heavenly Father is thinking of you…

Your Heavenly Father is thinking of you.
He needs you to be confident in His love,
Your prayers have been heard, beloved.
And the Lord has not forgotten you.
His love for you is entirely steadfast and unshakeable.
All things are working out for good.
Beautiful, do you have faith in Him?

Trust in the Lord, for you shall not be ashamed.
Your Heavenly Father is beautifully, and faithfully watching over you in love.
Singing and rejoicing over you, for He is confident in His plan for you.
May the peace of God, abound in your heart.
All shall be well with you, beloved.
For He is absolutely, and passionately in love with you.
And He shall not be hindered, from taking good care of you…

Nothing will be able to separate you, from His perfect love.
Cast Your cares and anxieties to Him, for He loves you ardently.
God knows that your heart has been weary and disappointed,
but it is safe, to entrust your heart with Him.
Your Heavenly Father is in perfect control.
His love for you is glorious and unfailing.
His heart, is forever, devoted to you.


Written by Devona Fayana


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