Your Heavenly Father, Created You Beautifully To Thrive With Him.


Your Heavenly Father, created you beautifully to thrive with Him.
Powerfully and fruitfully, in the midst of Christ’s love.
In this precious season of your life, He is working wonderfully within you.
That you may rise in faith, hope and joyful anticipation.
For you will rejoice and testify, of the goodness and faithfulness of God.
The Lord wants you to know.
that everything that you’ve been through, shall not go in vain.
For as you abide in His love, and take heed to His Word,
the Lord shall graciously bloom,
beautiful restoration, healing and renewed strength into your life.
And with rapturous astonishment,
you shall walk in the fullness of His gracious plans,
that He has lovingly prepared for you.

Depend on God.
For He will guide you, and faithfully lead you onto the right path.
Lean on Him, for He is your rock.
And He shall faithfully uphold you, in your times of need.
Do not despise the day of small beginnings.
Neither underestimate,
what the Lord is doing within this season of your life.
For what He has prepared for you,
is more glorious than your greatest imagination.
In Christ, your destiny is abundant.
Overflowing with His grace, and abounding in goodness and hope.
And though seasons may change, your heart can rest assured,
that Jesus’ love for you, shall always remain the same.
Eternally, your life is embraced in the care of your Saviour.
And you are exceedingly blessed,
as a beloved child of the Most High God.

Written by Devona Fayana


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