When Your Future Husband Pursues You…

When Your Future Husband Pursues You…

Beloved, when your future husband pursues you, it will be exceedingly beautiful.

It shall happen, in perfect alignment with your Heavenly Father’s flawless timing.

The husband that the Lord will lead into your life, shall make his intentions for marriage clearly known.

Being led by the precious Spirit of God, your future husband will pursue you with clarity, consistency and gentleness.

Your heart can rest peacefully assured, in the sovereign and loving embrace of your Heavenly Father.

For He is deeply devoted to taking care of you, and you shall be ushered beautifully into the fulfilment of His will for your life.


You are a beautiful, anointed and honoured woman in the Lord’s sight.

A truly virtuous daughter of God, who is worthy of being pursued with sincerity and respect.

Beloved, your Heavenly Father does not want you to settle for less.

For you are so valuable and precious to Him.

Your worth is far beyond the most exquisite rubies.

For your identity is truly rooted, in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And your Father would only desire, the very best husband for you.

Entrust your life with Him, that He may wonderfully align,

His beautiful plan for you according to His divine timing.

Your future husband shall be blessed,

and you are being prepared, for so much more to come.


Written by Devona Fayana


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