You Are Going To Prosper Abundantly…

You are going to prosper abundantly, in the fullness of God’s plan for your life.

This season is temporary. And a glorious one shall arise.

You shall abound exceedingly, with inexpressible joy.

And the Lord shall overflow you, with bountiful restoration.

Your Heavenly Father comprehends your pain.

And He knows the magnitude of disappointments,

difficulties and trials that you have experienced.

But beloved, do not lose hope.

For the pressures that you have faced, shall not go in vain.

There is so much more coming for you,

for you are mightily upheld, by the hand of the Lord Almighty.

The heart of God admires you, and cherishes you wholeheartedly.

You were predestined, to thrive and prosper in His plan for you.

Trust in your Almighty Father,

for He is faithful, to bloom a wonderful, new season to fruition.

And He makes everything beautiful in His perfect timing.


Written by Devona Fayana


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