When The Time Is Right. God Will Lead a Wonderful Man Into Your Life…

When the time is right. God will lead a wonderful man into your life…


Beautiful, if it is your Heavenly Father’s will for you to marry,

let your heart rest assured, that He is faithful and He is able, to establish it beautifully,  in His timing.

Daughter of God, you are securely embraced, in the steadfast love of your Heavenly Father.

Your destiny, is held firmly in His hands.

When the time is right, dear one, the Lord will lead a wonderful man into your life.

A husband that is ready to love you, fruitfully and consistently, as Christ loves His church.


Your Heavenly Father knows, that this season of waiting, has not been easy for you.

He has heard your heart’s innermost cries, wondering when your time will come.

Your faith-filled prayers, your endurance and your desires, have not gone unnoticed by Him.

Your marital blessing, shall be fulfilled according to His time.

Your heart will be in awe, of the faithfulness of God when your future husband comes into your life.

Trust in the Lord, and do not lean on your own understanding.

God is preparing both you, and your future husband, for the marvellous destiny that awaits you.


Be encouraged, beloved daughter of God.

For your marriage shall be exceedingly blessed.

You are truly covered, by the loving care and protection of your Heavenly Father.

The husband that He will usher into your life, will be wonderfully suited to you.

Because your Father knows what you need in a companion,

and His timing for your marriage is absolute perfection.

Keep on believing, beautiful.

The season for you to be married shall come,

and the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified abundantly within your marriage.

It will be marvellous.


Written by Devona Fayana





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