“My Child, I Love You. Exceedingly…”

“My child, you are loved by Me. Exceedingly.
The love that I have for you, never fails.
Before you pray to Me, I already know what you need.
When I allow you to wait, you must trust in Me.
For I am your Father. Who is faithful, to look after you.
You are Mine, and My heart, will always be yours.
It is impossible for me to neglect you.
For My love for you is everlasting, perfect and without flaw.
Your heart does not go unnoticed by Me, My child.
Neither do your prayers go unheeded. For I am with you.
And though you may not see it right now,
know that I am still working things out for good, My beloved.
I have seen the magnitude of worry,
that has troubled your precious heart.
I do not want you to afraid, My child.
Rather, put your trust in Me.
I know that others have disappointed you,
but I promise, that I shall not.
For My love for you is eternal.
I shall never leave you or forsake you,
I will always love you.
Therefore, let go of worry, My dear child.
Begin to entrust Me, wholeheartedly with your life.
For I promise to take good care of you.
Always and forever,
I love you.”


written by Devona Fayana


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