“My Child, Commit Your Plans To Me. I Will Prosper You…”


“My Child,
The dreams and desires, that reside within your heart,
have been planted within you, for a divine purpose.
I need you to start believing, My child.
That you are able, to do all things through Me.
Depend on Me, and nothing will be impossible for you.
For I will strengthen you to achieve,
all that I have destined for you to do with excellence.
Beloved, I shall bless the works of your hands.
For you are filled with glorious potential.
As your Father, I desire that you will prosper.
Fruitfully, and abundantly within My perfect will for your life.
I am for you, and I am not against you.
I love you, with an everlasting love.
And I am faithful to flourish,
all that I have perfectly orchestrated for you.
Commit your plans to Me.
For I shall prosper you,
and establish you in due time.
I love you.”

Written by Devona Fayana


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