“My Child, Be Expectant…”

“My child,
Your heart will overflow with awe and bountiful amazement,
when you eventually see, what I have faithfully prepared for you.
I have not allowed you to wait in vain, My beloved.
I shall provide greater beyond your expectations.
Exceedingly and abundantly, beyond what you have prayed for.
Be expectant, My dear child.
Do not despair. For the time will come,
when you shall rejoice and abound, with an inexpressible joy.
Rest in Me. For I will make a way for you.
I promise to not forsake you.
For My hand is upon you, and My love shall never depart from you.
There is a plan and purpose for your life.
But you must trust, in my timings and seasons, dear child.
For My ways are higher than your ways,
so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts.
But you can trust Me.
Entrust your life in My hands, My love. For I shall not fail you.
What I have purposed for you, shall be fulfilled in it’s time.
When the time is right, beloved, I, the Lord, will make it happen.
Abide in Me, as My Word abides in you.
In due time, your season will change. And I will make all things new!
Be expectant.
I love you.”


Written by Devona Fayana


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