Jesus Wants To Heal You…


Jesus wants to heal you, and bring you glorious restoration…


Jesus Christ is powerfully, and passionately, in love with you.

You are being divinely aligned, into His beautiful promises for your life.

He is gathering the pieces, of your broken heart.

And He is marvellously restoring, all that you lost.

He shall do a new thing in you, and it will spring forth beautifully.

Beloved, you can entrust the Lord with your life.

For His gracious heart is truly determined,

to bring healing, wholeness and superabundant restoration to your life…


For the Lord Jesus has come, that you may live life, more abundantly within His love.

Everything that concerns you, matters entirely to Him.

You are safe and secure, in His ardent embrace.

He will protect you, provide for you and take care of you, within His eternal loving-kindness.

Be strengthened, dear one. And may refreshing hope begin to overflow within your heart.

For God’s gracious heart is forever devoted, to loving you.

He loves you, and His Word concerning you, shall not fail.

You will thrive, and you will prosper in the fullness of His plan for you.

Bountiful restoration and healing, will overflow beautifully within your life.


Written by Devona Fayana



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