Jesus Knows, Your Desire To Be A Wife and Mother…

Jesus Knows, Your Desire To Be A Wife and Mother…

Beautiful, the Lord Jesus is perfectly aware, of the innermost desire within your heart.

The desire to become a godly wife and mother, has never gone unnoticed by your gracious Redeemer.

The Lord adores you, ardently. And as His child, you are held so dearly, to His heart.

The timing and seasons of your life, matter to your Heavenly Father.

It is impossible for Him to neglect you and fail you. For His love is powerfully unfailing.

Your Father desires to see you blessed, abundantly within His beautiful will.

Your marriage, your children, and your future, is held securely in His hands.

Trust in Him, and have faith, that He will bloom His plans to fulfilment in due season.


Your Heavenly Father would not withhold anything good from you, as His beloved daughter.

And though you may not see it right now, God is currently working things out beautifully for you.

Your prayers have been heeded.

And the Lord is gracious, faithful and truly able,

to fulfil the godly desires that He has planted within your heart.

Your season will come, but let your heart rest in the loving-faithfulness of your Heavenly Father.

He has already orchestrated, your wonderful future.

Your marriage will be radiant with the glory of the Lord.

And God’s blessing will reman, abundantly on your marriage.

Wait on Him, and trust in His timing.

Your Father knows the plan’s that He has for you,

and He is faithful, to make everything beautiful in it’s time.



Written by Devona Fayana




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