Jesus Is Working On Something Beautiful Within You…

Jesus Is Working On Something Beautiful In You…


You are beautifully marked, with the glorious splendour and excellency of your Heavenly Father.

For the Lord Jesus Christ, is working on something astounding, and exceedingly beautiful in your life.

Though you may have battled, through difficult and challenging seasons throughout your journey,

your heartbreaks and disappointments shall be replaced with resilience, fulfilment and inexpressible joy.


Your Heavenly Father is ardently devoted, to nurture you, replenish you, and prosper you.

That you may thrive beautifully and bountifully, within His wondrous will for your life.

You are being perfectly aligned, into position within His plan.

Do not despise your journey, beloved. Nor let your heart despair in this season.

You are being rebuilt and restored, in perseverance and strength.

God has a special purpose behind your process.

And He is faithful, to powerfully and effortlessly, work things out for good.

Lean wholeheartedly, in His love…



You are being prepared, moulded and transformed, in the midst of His passionate embrace.

For what God has destined for you, is beyond more glorious than what you could possibly imagine.

Your heart shall be amazed, and will surely testify, of the goodness of the Lord.

For your Heavenly Father has not forsaken you, He has been your shield and strength.

The heart of Jesus abounds with fervent, agape love for you.

Earnestly willing to gently guide you, and usher you into pure bliss and delight within His love.

You can rest peacefully assured, that He will work things out powerfully, according to His will.


Entrusting your life, into the hands of the Father, is something you will never regret.

For the beauty, and the power, of His unfailing love shall not disappoint you.

Trust in Him, with all of your heart. And do not lean on your own understanding.

For you have come so far with Christ, and you shall continue to blossom abundantly in His love.

Though you may see it or not, God is always working within you, and it is utterly beautiful.

The best is yet to come for you.


Written by Devona Fayana


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