Jesus Is Waiting For You…


Jesus Is Waiting For You…


Beloved, Jesus is waiting to fulfil, the glorious and beautiful destiny that He has purposed for you.

He is waiting for you, to let go of fear. That you may hold on to Him, in unwavering faith.

He ardently desires, that you may truly embark, on a new, powerful and life-changing journey with Him.

For as you entrust your life, entirely into His hands, He will do exceedingly and abundantly for you.

Beautiful, your Heavenly Father will certainly do the impossible for you.

But be still, and know that He is God.

Do not lean on your own understanding, nor let your heart dwell on what you can currently see.

For the Lord is always faithfully working things out for good.

Come closer to your Heavenly Father, and His Spirit will beautifully immerse you, in His refreshing Word.

For He desires to help you, to walk victoriously by faith, and not by sight.



Your Heavenly Father adores you.

The loving-kindness, and gracious faithfulness of God shall never depart from you.

For His hand is resting gently upon you, as He lavishes you with abundant, true love from heaven.

His mercy and grace, abounds wonderfully beyond your comprehension.

Beautiful, He has already done so much for you, and He has not taken you this far just to leave you.

He also understands, the cares and concerns, that have been anxiously troubling your heart.

But do not allow anxiety, to overwhelm your heart.

For He who watches over you, is holding the entire universe in His hands.

Your Father is in perfect control, guiding you and leading you, into the marvellous place that He has planned for you.



Everything pertaining to you, is being perfectly taken care of by the Lord.

You are beautifully embedded, in the love of Jesus Christ.

Things will begin to thrive and flourish wonderfully for you, as you abide in His perfect love.

Now and forever, your provision, protection, and divine guidance,

resides in the very heart of Jesus Christ.

And His beautiful devotion to you, is eternally faithful.

He will never disappoint nor let you down.

You are securely, and perfectly rooted in His unfailing love.

Depend on Him, wholeheartedly. For He only wants what’s best for you.


Written by Devona Fayana


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