Jesus Deeply Admires You…

devona fayana


Jesus desires for you to know, that you are beautiful.
Not merely your outer appearance,
but because in Him,
you are exceedingly admirable, precious and worthy in every way.
He is absolutely in love with you.
You were made through Him, and for Him.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made, in His glorious image.
Before the foundation of the world, He lovingly chose you.
For He deeply admires,
the magnitude of beauty and treasure,
that His Father has placed within you.

Beloved, you are God’s exquisite masterpiece,
created in Christ Jesus, for wondrous things.
The Lord’s heart is ravished by who you are.
And He is so truly proud of you, for you have come so far with Him.
You have gone from strength to strength,
and you shall continue to prosper,
in the midst of His lovely embrace.
Beautiful, you are redeemed in the Lord Jesus Christ.
He has made you whole, within His gracious love.
Faithfully, He is always working within you.
Trust in Him, with your journey.
For as you abide in Him,
you shall flourish and blossom,
in becoming the beautiful and anointed woman,
that He has destined for you to be.
Your beauty, and your identity, shall always reside, in Him.

Written By Devona Fayana


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