God Wants To Show You, What True Love Really Is



God Wants To Show You, What True Love Really Is

Beautiful, your broken heart never goes unnoticed by God.

He has seen the magnitude of heartbreaks, pain and disappointment that you have faced.

He knows, that people have hurt you, and let you down.

But He desires for you to know,

that the love that He has for you, is the ultimate definition, of unfailing, true love.

There has never been a moment, where He has left or forsaken you.

Before you were even conceived in your mother’s womb, He knew you.

He holds you and embraces you in His arms.

For He passionately, and ardently adores you beyond your comprehension.

You are His.

And He delights so much in you.


Beloved, you are never alone. For the Spirit of God, abides beautifully and faithfully with you.

The Lord is watching over you, taking care of you, and covering you with His gracious love.

Your Heavenly Father is your divine protector, healer and provider.

He is the very source of your strength.

He loves you, and His heart is set, on loving you eternally.

Do not give up love, and do not give up on Him.

For God will never give up on you.

His love is so fervent and passionate for you, that He gave His only Son for you.

That you may have everlasting life, in the midst of His love.

The Lord loves you, and He cares for you abundantly.

Rest in His love, and know that He is with you.

You are forever embedded, in the heart of Jesus Christ.


Written by Devona Fayana


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