God Has Someone Special For You

Beloved, your Heavenly Father has someone special just for you.

The marriage that God has planned for you,

will be exceedingly and abundantly beyond what you prayed for.

For Jesus Christ will be the centre, and the strong foundation, of your relationship.

And your love story, will give Him marvellous glory.

What seems like a delay, is truly not denial.

Therefore do not be discouraged, nor despise your waiting season.

Because God is perfectly orchestrating your love story, this very moment…


Trust in the Lord wholeheartedly, to fulfil the beautiful destiny,

that He has graciously purposed for you.

There is nothing too hard, for your Heavenly Father to do.

You are overflowing with abundance, in Christ.

You shall not miss out, on what he has for you.

The Lord is sovereign, and in perfect control of your life.

Your love story shall bloom, at the appointed time…


You are worthy, and deserving, of a godly spouse who truly loves you.

A spouse that honours the Lord, and who truly desires to glorify Christ in your marriage.

And they shall come into your life, when the time is right.

For God makes all things beautiful, in it’s time.

Continue to abide, wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ.

Seeking Him first, and growing beautifully in His Word.

You can trust, that your Father will provide.

A precious godly marriage, according to His perfect and flawless will for your life.


Written by Devona Fayana





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