Beautiful, You Will Be Married In God’s Time…

Beautiful, the time will come, where you shall be married.

The Spirit of the Lord shall connect you, to the husband that God has appointed for you.

For your Heavenly Father is faithful, to fulfil the precious desire, that He has lovingly placed within your heart. The hand of the Lord is upon you, and He is more than able to bless you beautifully and abundantly with a godly marriage. Continue waiting upon the Lord. For your heart will abound with astonishment and awe, at the faithfulness of God. And the way your Heavenly Father shall orchestrate your marriage, shall be exceedingly divine.

Beloved, you must trust, that your Heavenly Father is willing to guide you, into all that He has graciously destined for your life. There is a purpose, for the desire of marriage that has been beautifully planted within your heart. Trust in the Lord, with all of your heart. And do not lean on your own understanding. For the Lord knows how to position you, before your future husband.

Remain abiding in Christ’s love and His Word. For the timing and seasons of your life, is perfectly aligned with the will of God. The godly desires within your heart, are never overlooked, nor disregarded by your Heavenly Father. His heart adores you beyond your understanding. And your wait, is truly not in vain. For He would never withhold anything good from you as His dearest daughter. Let your mind continue to dwell, on the unfailing and gracious love of God. For He who watches over you, reigns in glorious sovereignty. Through which, nothing can ever withhold His beautiful plans for marriage concerning you. You are loved by Jesus Christ. With an everlasting, unfailing love.



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